Cyrus Sibert invites Haitian lawyers Michael Geilenfeld to reenter … stop your lies and intimidation!
For over 5 years, Cyrus Sibert has only demand the application of the universal protocol relating to allegations and accusations of sexual abuse in an orphanage.
Ti Chen Ti Aysyen pa!
A – Michael Geilenfeld recognizes that there has been accused of sexual abuse by children from his orphanage several times: 1987, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006 and 2007;
B- Young people who say they are victims of Mr. Cyrus Sibert Geilenfeld contacted in January 2011, four years after the last protest movement inside the orphanage. They have explained their situation and their willingness to end this calamity. While Mr Geilenfeld their having always said that they will never have access to justice in their country, we decided to provide them the necessary support to cover the costs of proceedings (Cyrus Sibert funded sometimes by Mr. Emmanuel Jeanty ) added to the volunteer services of Mr. Jeanty and his lawyer friends of Port-au-Prince pourqu’ils can make their voices heard before the Haitian justice.
C- From 2011 to today we have that requiring the application of the universal protocol when there are accusations of sexual abuse in an orphanage;
Ti Ti pa Aysyen Chyen!
Knowing that
1- pedophiles do not change, and it is the duty of every society to place them in reformatories, monitored and / or under social service supervision;
2 in a situation of sexual exploitation of minors, there are more victims than those who have the courage to reveal their injury;
3- noting that the universal protocol relating to allegations of abuse of minors has not been respected in the case of St. Joseph Orphanage;
we supported victims in the hope that the authorities and society would react in favor of child protection by adopting the measures required in this case:
a- set provisional gap of the accused,
b- open administrative investigations, private and judicial
c- care of victims,
d- adoption of a child protection policy: the establishment of a protocol governing relations, relations and distances between the children and the orphanage staff.
And in the specific case of St. Joseph Orphanage, the Haitian State in the exercise of its sovereignty, should respond to evidence of links between NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association) and this house Home operating on the national territory.
D- Cyrus Sibert, did not create any allegations or charges against Mr. Geilenfeld. It only respond to the discriminatory treatment which requires that we treat poor children of Haiti différemement of American children.
How sad to hear defense lawyers describe our civic contribution, as qu’haitiens descendants of slaves who refuse sexual slavery in the land of our ancestors, of wrongdoing. Does Haiti has lost the sense of mutual help? Where is the ideal pursued by Saint Yves, the patron of lawyers? What about the cleanliness of the oath by lawyers defending the widow and the orphan?
It is inconceivable that one of the Haitian Lawyers for Mr Geilenfeld in his testimony via Skype, with a white jury in Portland Maine, says Pedophile (child molestation) = homosexual in Haiti (Lifestyle) “… the judge Concluded That There Were sexual molestation Because of the fact That Michael Geilenfeld admis That He Was homosexual “(see the testimony of Alain Lemithe, page 41). It is a betrayal a Haitian lawyer, in his mercenary, states that our judges are unable to differentiate ente “Homosexuality” and “pedophilia”.
Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti

* See links between St. Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA organization:

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