Children are safer today in Haiti because of an unprecedented amount of publicity and information surrounding the legal action taken against a child protection activist by multi-accused child molester, Michael Geilenfeld.

Word has spread like never before.

1) Geilenfeld’s orphanage, the St. Joseph Home for Boys in Port au Prince, is padlocked and shut down per order of Haitian authorities.

2) An arrest warrant has been issued. Haitian National Police are searching for Geilenfeld in response to new allegations of child sex abuse against him. Geilenfeld remains in hiding.

3) Donors to Geilenfeld and Hearts with Haiti are being updated and informed of new child sexual abuse allegations being brought against Geilenfeld.

4) The general public is not stupid. They cannot understand how and why a Maine jury did not believe the seven Haitian men who put their personal safety on the streets of Port au Prince at great risk to testify at the trial about their horrific child sexual abuse by Geilenfeld when they were children living in Haiti.

5) Education and awareness about child sexual abuse has increased in Haiti because of Geilenfeld.

6) Increased media attention is focused on Geilenfeld’s ongoing appeals trial and the current warrant for his arrest.

7) Hearts with Haiti has removed Geilenfeld from its Board of Directors.

8) Geilenfeld will never be employed in a job that provides him with access to children in any other organization than North Carolina based 501(c)(3), Hearts with Haiti.

Attorney Peter Detroy / PRESS RELEASE

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