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Hearts with Haiti & Michael Geilenfeld v. Michael Geilenfeld

March 30th Hearing Scheduled in Portland, Maine

Maine Attorney Peter DeTroy must surrender his client, Michael Geilenfeld, to Haiti Police / Will a Fugitive of Justice be Allowed to Testify in Federal Court in Portland?

Is it possible that a U.S. Federal Court Judge will agree to preside over court proceedings that include the sworn testimony of an individual who is evading an arrest warrant that has been issued against him for questioning about sex crimes against children in Haiti?

Haiti National Police have a warrant for the arrest of U.S citizen, Michael Geilenfeld.

it is ludicrous and naive to expect that an individual who is running and hiding from police authorities in Haiti can suddenly be trusted to tell the truth on the witness stand in US federal court in Portland, Maine.

Geilenfeld’s attorney, Peter DeTroy, is an officer of the court.

As such, DeTroy has an obligation to assist Geilenfeld in surrendering himself to Haiti police authorities.


Press Herald / Oct. 31, 2015

Haiti Officials Issue Arrest Warrant for Michael Geilenfeld

Press Herald / Nov. 5, 2015

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