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Survivor Testimony

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Survivor Witness # 1

I was in the house with Michael helping him chopping pineapples, getting breakfast ready for the guests and it was at that point he [Michael Geilenfeld] come in behind e, it was just out of the blue and he had his penis between my butt and then his hand basically, like you are holding a woman, basically, you know, except he was behind me with his hand around me, this hand was on my nipples and then he was talking like in my ear – I will make you life nice, I will make you comfortable etcetera, if you are nice to me.

Survivor Witness # 2

…and then it happened that because they – this is how he [Michael Geilenfeld] is. When he wants you to do what he wanted, it would come – it’s a sacrifice. Question: What do you mean? Answer: A sacrifice, which means like when you allowed him to do what he want, like have him use you sexually, like penetrate you, intercourse with him, have sex with him. That’s what he mean by the sacrifice….So he told me, take the example of these guys. Don’t you want to be in the States? Don’t you want to be the same? Don’t you want to have money? Don’t you want to travel? If you want to be like those guys, you do the sacrifice.

Survivor Witness # 3

He [Michael Geilenfeld] always says, sir, I love you, you don’t want to make a sacrifice? You’ll never travel. Why don’t you take an example on Mr. Emile and Mr. Robert? If you don’t make a sacrifice for this house, this house can’t help you. Question: Did he explain what he meant by a sacrifice? Answer: The sacrifice is to spend time with him in his bed and then you get everything.

Survivor Witness # 4

Question: What happened after that? Answer: I was standing there and then he [Michael Geilenfeld] came towards me. He started to — he put his lips on mine and he started to suck my mouth. And then he was touching me. He was touching my private parts, and then I pushed him away. After that he told me I had to do the scarifice — make the sacrifice for the house and I would find money, not to tell anyone where I got the money. I would live like a little prince and I would travel. But the People that don’t make the sacrifice, they’re going to kick them out — kick them out of the house. And if you want to be a director, an assistant director, you have to make sacrifice.

Survivor Witness # 5

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HERE IS AN EXCERPT (Click link at bottom of page for full text)

“The evidence of Mr. Geilenfeld’s time in prison was erroneously admitted because (1) under the Restatement damages for emotional distress due to wrongful incarceration are not recoverable in an action for defamation; (2) case law supports the principle that a plaintiff cannot avoid having to satisfy the elements of a malicious prosecution claim by disguising it as a different tort; (3) public policy opposes exposing citizens to liability for incarceration damages on just the lesser proof needed to support a defamation claim; and (4) evidence did not support a jury finding that a defamatory statement made by Mr. Kendrick caused Mr. Geilenfeld to be arrested.” Motion for a new trial, Paul Kendrick

Statement by Paul Kendrick

A child sexual abuse victim’s biggest fear is that he or she won’t be believed. Child sexual abuse victims are filled with shame, guilt and the belief that they are to blame. It has taken an enormous amount of courage for these seven Haitian men to overcome a multitude of hurdles to enable them to come forward and report their abuse, including fear of retaliation, public ridicule and their personal safety on the dangerous streets of Port au Prince, Haiti.

The Judge provided very specific instructions to the Jury. The Plaintiffs must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that the statements made by Mr. Kendrick; i.e., that Mr. Geilenfeld is a child molester – are false.

Tragically, the members of the jury appear to have been more affected by a multi-accused child molester’s account of his arrest and incarceration in a Haiti prison than they were by the credible and painful testimonies of seven Haitian men who testified in excruciating detail about their being sexually abused by Mr. Geilenfeld when they were children living in Mr. Geilenfeld’s care at his orphanage in Haiti.


2015-08-18_17-09-28 Leadership Council


Myth 1: Normal-appearing, well educated, middle-class people don’t molest children.
Myth 2: People are too quick to believe an abuser is guilty, even if there is no supporting evidence.
Myth 3: Child molesters molest indiscriminately.
Myth 4: Children who are being abused would immediately tell their parents.
Myth 5: Children who are being abused will show physical evidence of abuse.
Myth 6: Hundreds of innocent men and women have been falsely accused and sent to prison for molesting children.
Myth 7: If asked about abuse, children tend to exaggerate and are prone to making false accusations.
Myth 8: By using repeated interviews, therapists or police can easily implant false memories and cause false accusations among children of any age.



“One of the public’s most dangerous assumptions is the belief that a person who both appears and acts normal could not be a child molester. Sex offenders are well aware of our propensity for making assumptions about private behavior from one’s public presentation. In fact, as recent reports of abuse by priests have shown, child molesters rely on our misassumptions to deliberately and carefully set and gain access to child victims.
“According to Dr. Anna Salter, Ph.D., a foremost expert in sex offenders, ‘a double life is prevalent among all types of sex offenders . . . . The front that offenders typically offer to the outside world is usually a ‘good person,’ someone who the community believes has a good character and would never do such a thing’ (Salter, 2003, p. 34).

“In her years of work with sex offenders, Dr. Salter has found they commonly employ a variety of tactics which allow them to gain access to children while concealing their activities. For instance, many seek responsible positions that place them in close proximity with children. They also tend to adopt a pattern of socially responsible and caring behavior in public. Many have practiced and perfected their ability to charm, to be likeable and to radiate a facade of sincerity and truthfulness. This causes parents and others to drop their guard, allowing the sex offender easy and recurring access to children.

“In fact, Dr. Salter has found that the life a child molester leads in public may be exemplary, almost surreal in its righteousness.”

What Would Make You Believe a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

I don’t know if you know an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I don’t know if you know what an adult survivor of childhood sexual abuse looks, sounds, or acts like. So let me tell you who I am, and let me tell you what I am like.

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Q & A on Pope Francis and the abuse/cover up crisis

By David Clohessy, director of SNAP (, 314-566-9790 cell, 314-645-5915 home)

Francis has done more about the abuse crisis than his predecessors. Isn’t that encouraging?

First, we should judge church officials NOT by what their terrible predecessors did but by what responsible officials would do. It’s little comfort to a girl who’s been raped under Francis to say “Well, under Benedict, there might have been an even smaller chance of your predator being ousted.”

Neither Benedict nor Francis has exposed a single child molesting cleric or really punished a single complicit church official. They’ve made lots of reassuring talk but taken little meaningful action.

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Hearts with Haiti & Michael Geilenfeld v. Paul Kendrick



Here is a portion of the U.S. Federal Court testimony of Michael Geilenfeld concerning Mr. Geilenfeld’s previously undisclosed private ownership of the land, buildings and contents of the three properties known as the St. Joseph’s Family of Homes in Haiti.

Nowhere in Hearts with Haiti or St. Joseph’s Family of Homes literature are donors advised that their tax deductible 501(c)(3) donations are being used for investments in land, property and furnishings that are personally and privately owned in Mr. Geilenfeld’s name.

As such, Mr. Geilenfeld has the legal right to sell and/or liquidate all donor purchased assets and deposit the cash proceeds into his personal bank account.

On July 22, 2015, Mr. Geilenfeld was cross examined by Attorney David Walker in U.S. federal court.

Q: Attorney Walker.

A: Mr. Geilenfeld.

Here is a portion of that exchange:

Q. When you testified previously in this case, I was asking you about ownership of the assets of the St. Joseph’s Homes.

A. Correct.

Q. I think I asked you who owned the beds and I believe your answer was that God owns the beds; do you recall that?

A. Yes.

Q. Can we clarify, sir, that you own the beds.

A. Legally, I own the beds.

Q. In fact, you own the whole operation, lock, stock and barrel, correct?

A. Legally, I own the whole operation, lock, stock and barrel, yes.

Q. As well as the bank accounts?

A. The bank accounts are all in my name.

Q. And the Haitian leadership that we’ve heard discussions about, the Haitian leadership only has whatever authority you choose to give them, correct?

A. Legally, yes.

An open letter to Boston Catholic priest, Father John Unni / Please speak on behalf of Haiti child sexual abuse victims

August 11, 2015

Rev. John Unni
St. Cecilia’s Church
Boston, MA

Dear Father Unni,

More than four years ago, in early 2011, you and two other individuals met in Boston with a Haitian man who told you that he and many other boys were sexually abused when they were children by Michael Geilenfeld, Executive Director of the St. Joseph Family of Homes in Port au Prince, Haiti.

In the immediate aftermath of your meeting, you stated to others, and later in sworn testimony, that you “believed” the man’s description of his child sexual abuse by Geilenfeld.

Two weeks ago, a ten person jury in Maine voted by unanimous consent that the testimony of child sexual abuse by the Haitian man you met with, and the testimonies of six other Haitian men, are false and that the men are all lying.

Each and every one of these victims told the jury in excruciating detail of their sexual abuse by Geilenfeld when they were children living in Geilenfeld’s care in Haiti.

I hope you will speak out on behalf of the victims, Father Unni.

I hope you will climb up on a great big soap box and speak out with a clear and forceful voice.

Your supportive voice will lend comfort to these men who have been re-victimized by the jury’s decision not to believe them.

The men who testified are hurting. They have put aside their own safety and desire for privacy to speak out against the man who abused them when they were children.

Please, Father Unni, step forward and stand in communion with the pain and suffering of these brave Haitian men.

Together, your prophetic voices will help protect other children.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine

Careful the man who confuses justice with revenge, for he digs two graves. One is for himself.

— Marcus Aurelius

Orphanage Founder Returns to Haiti After US Jury Ruling

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