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mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Haiti – Homosexuality and Pedophilia: Michael Geilenfeld boasts of being gay and accuses Hatians of being Homophobic

“But any power on earth Dies when the abuse is too great …” Alfred de Musset

Michael Geilenfeld en compagnie des enfants de Saint-Joseph, le 29 avril 2015
Michael Geilenfeld with the children of St. Joseph, 29 April 2015

The Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage made accusations of sexual abuse of minors against him a powerful weapon to advance the cause of homosexuals in Haiti.

The multiple charges of sexual assault on minors whose Mr. Geilenfeld been subject since 1985, have recently been turned into struggle for the right of a gay American in Haiti.

After three (3) weeks of confusion and manipulation of an all-white jury, Mr. Geilenfeld presented Haiti as a strange country with homophobia, and where judges decide on the basis of sex discrimination. He boasted his homosexuality and is now back in Haiti in an effort to force the Haitian government to accept him as head of orphanage for destitute boys. His Haitian lawyers Mr. Alain and Mr. Lemithe Fritzo Canton, have all engineered April 29, 2015 to release the man imprisoned at the National Penitentiary by order of the investigating judge by organizing a mock trial in the absence of victims.

While acknowledging that he was accused of sexual abuse by 17 minors, in different occasions, such as in 1987, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2011, the former Catholic brother, director of the orphanage Saint Joseph Delmas 91, seeks to take advantage of changes in gay rights in the world and combines the charges he is subject to his sexual orientation. Shockingly, deliberate lies of Mr. Geilenfeld vis-à-vis victims and Haiti were relayed by Haitian lawyers, Mr. Alain and Mr. Lemithe Fritzo Canton. Minted, these lawyers have had the courage to share their expertise by Skype against small Haitian poor themselves as victims of sexual abuse by the Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage 91 as minors in its custody. Mr. Lemithe Mr Canton and agreed to present their country, Haiti, in an unhealthy table.


Me Alain Lemithe
Me Alain Lemithe

Mr. Geilenfeld and NGOs “Hearts With Haiti” came out strengthened at the expense of seven young people who say they are sexually abused while residing at the orphanage Saint Joseph Delmas 91. The record is definitely focused on the rights gay running an orphanage for boys in Haiti. Today, groups of pedophiles and especially the influential homosexual pedophile NAMBLA organization recognized as sponsor of the St. Joseph Orphanage working to create a precedent in Haiti by wearing the Court of Appeal of Port-au-Prince to maintain the secret judgment passed in the absence of victims April 29, 2015.

A bad precedent that could be very beneficial for child predators. Suppose if all homosexuals are not pedophiles, ie, pedophiles who abuse little boys are necessarily gay. In the future any pedophile (homo) may use this before in Haiti to discredit the victims and the Haitian authorities, as has just done Mr. Geilenfeld in Portland, Maine.

The strategy of Mr. Geilenfeld and the NGO “Heart With Haiti” has always been the use of corruption in public administration and justice to obtain the paperwork and decisions necessary to prove that the US they have no problem in Haiti and push American authorities to decide in their favor. Also, they will use the decision reached in the United States to strengthen their position in Haiti. Me Fritzo Canton and Alain Lemithe will they continue to ensure the dirty business of bribing judges and administrators serving Haitian consortium accused on several occasions of abuse on children in need in Haiti?
Page d’accueil de l’ONG

With the support of the NGO “Hearts With Haiti” based in North Carolina, Mr. Geilenfeld, multiple accused of sexual abuse of male children being deprived his orphanage is back in Haiti. It says homosexual, accusing Haitian homophobia, claimed the right to continue to be responsible for a small home for needy boys and continues to have access to children in violation of the decisions of the IBESR. Many young victims of saying Geilenfeld continue to demand justice; the Haitian government calls the “criminal court for sexual assault, rape, indecent assault and human trafficking in accordance with Articles 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283 and Article 3 of the decree of the assembly Nationale dated 12 January 2004 ratifying the additional protocol to the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime “.

The case is before the Court of Appeal of Port-au-Prince. Haitian justice must take responsibility and decide on this issue.

Me Fritzo
Me Fritzo Canton

The acrobatics of corrupt lawyers and comparable corrupting the merchants of slaves from Africa who sold their congeners have limitations. Their shameless lies and deceptive maneuvers gave the Geilenfeld / HeartWithHaiti file an international dimension. The Haitian government and its people have been accused of homophobia. Haitian justice has the duty to restore the boundaries between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Need I remind you that Haiti is on the list of homophobes 79 countries worldwide where homosexuality is illegal. Being gay is not a crime in Haiti. However, it would be illegal for a homosexual pedophile accused of running a home for poor boys.

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Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
28 juillet 2015 (100 ans de l’occupation américaine)

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mercredi 29 juillet 2015Haiti – Homosexualité ou Pédophilie : Michael Geilenfeld se vante d’être gay et accuse les haïtiens d’homophobie.-

“Mais toute puissance sur terre Meurt quand l’abus en est trop grand…” Alfred de Musset

Michael Geilenfeld en compagnie des enfants de Saint-Joseph, le 29 avril 2015
Michael Geilenfeld en compagnie des enfants de Saint-Joseph, le 29 avril 2015

Le Directeur de l’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph fait des accusations d’abus sexuels sur mineurs portées contre lui une arme puissante pour faire avancer la cause des homosexuels en Haïti.

Les accusations multiples d’agressions sexuelles sur mineurs dont fait l’objet Mr. Geilenfeld depuis 1985, ont été récemment transformées en lutte pour le droit d’un homosexuel américain en Haïti. 

Après trois (3) semaines de confusion et manipulation d’un jury composé entièrement de blancs, Mr. Geilenfeld présentait Haïti comme un pays insolite caractérisé par l’homophobie, et où les juges décident sous la base de la discrimination sexuelle. Il fanfaronnait son homosexualité, et est à présent de retour en Haïti dans le but de forcer l’Etat haïtien à l’accepter comme responsable d’orphelinat pour garçons démunies. Ses avocats haïtiens Mr. Alain Lemithe et Mr. Fritzo Canton, ont tout manigancé le 29 avril 2015 pour libérer l’homme emprisonné sur ordre du juge d’instruction au pénitencier national en organisant un simulacre de procès en l’absence des victimes. 

Tout en reconnaissant qu’il a été accusé d’exploitation sexuelle par 17 mineurs, en différentes occasions, tel qu’en 1987, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006, 2007 et 2011, l’ancien frère catholique, directeur de l’orphelinat Saint Joseph de Delmas 91, cherche à profiter de l’évolution des droits des homosexuels dans le monde et associe les accusations dont il fait l’objet à son orientation sexuelle. Piteusement, les mensonges délibérés de Mr. Geilenfeld vis-à-vis des victimes et d’Haïti ont été relayés par les avocats haïtiens, Mr. Alain Lemithe et Mr. Fritzo Canton. Monnayés, ces avocats ont eu le courage de fournir leur expertise par Skype contre les petits pauvres haïtiens qui se sont présentés comme victimes des abus sexuels du Directeur de l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de 91 alors qu’ils étaient mineurs placés sous sa garde. Mr. Lemithe et Mr Canton ont accepté de présenter leur pays, Haïti, sous un tableau malsain.

Me Alain Lemithe
Me Alain Lemithe

Mr. Geilenfeld et son ONG « Hearts With Haiti » en sont sortis renforcés au détriment de 7 jeunes qui se disent victimes d’abus sexuels lorsqu’ils résidaient à l’Orphelinat Saint Joseph de Delmas 91. Le dossier est définitivement orienté sur les droits des homosexuels de diriger un orphelinat pour petits garçons en Haïti. Aujourd’hui, les groupes de pédophiles homosexuels influents et spécialement l’organisation pédophile NAMBLA reconnue comme sponsor de l’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph travaillent à créer un précédent en Haïti en portant la Cour d’appel de Port-au-Prince à maintenir le jugement secret adopté en l’absence des victimes le 29 avril 2015.

Un mauvais précédent qui risque d’être très avantageux pour les prédateurs d’enfants. Admettons que si tous les homosexuels ne sont pas des pédophiles, en l’occurrence, les pédophiles qui abusent les petits garçons sont nécessairement des homosexuels. Dans l’avenir n’importe quel pédophile (homo) pourra utiliser ce précédant en Haïti pour discréditer les victimes et les autorités haïtiennes, comme vient de le faire Mr. Geilenfeld à Portland, Maine.

La stratégie de Mr. Geilenfeld et de l’ONG « Heart With Haiti » a toujours été l’utilisation de la corruption dans l’administration publique et dans la justice pour se procurer les papiers et décisions nécessaires afin de prouver aux Etats-Unis qu’ils n’ont aucun problème en Haïti et pousser des instances américaines à décider en leur faveur. Aussi, utiliseront-ils la décision obtenue aux Etats-Unis pour renforcer leur position en Haïti. Me Fritzo Canton et Me Alain Lemithe continueront-ils d’assurer la sale besogne de corrompre les juges et les administrateurs haïtiens au service de ce consortium accusé à plusieurs reprise d’abus sur enfants démunis d’Haïti?
Page d’accueil de l’ONG

Fort du soutien de son ONG « Hearts With Haiti » basée en Caroline du Nord, Mr. Geilenfeld, accusé multiple d’abus sexuels sur enfants démunis de sexe masculin se trouvant à son orphelinat est de retour en Haïti. Il se dit homosexuel, accuse les haïtiens d’homophobie, réclame le droit de continuer à être responsable d’une maison d’accueil pour petits garçons démunis et continue d’avoir accès aux enfants en violation des décisions de l’IBESR. Plusieurs jeunes se disant victimes de Geilenfeld continuent de réclamer justice; l’Etat haïtien réclame le “tribunal criminel pour agression sexuelle, viol, atteinte à la pudeur et traite d’êtres humains conformément aux articles 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283 et l’article 3 du décret de l’assemblée Nationale en date du 12 janvier 2004 ratifiant le protocole additionnel à la convention des Nations Unies contre la criminalité transnationale organisée”.

L’affaire est devant la Cour d’Appel de Port-au-Prince. La justice haïtienne devra assumer ses responsabilités et se prononcer sur ce dossier.

Me Fritzo
Me Fritzo Canton

Les acrobaties d’avocats corrompus et corrupteurs comparables aux marchands d’esclaves d’Afrique qui vendaient leurs congénères ont des limites. Leurs mensonges éhontés et leurs manœuvres déloyales ont donné au dossier Geilenfeld/HeartWithHaiti une dimension internationale. L’Etat haïtien et son peuple ont été accusés d’homophobie. La justice haïtienne a le devoir de rétablir les limites entre homosexualité et pédophilie.

Faut-il rappeler qu’Haïti n’est sur la liste des 79 pays homophobes du monde où l’homosexualité est illégale. Etre homosexuel n’est pas un crime en Haïti. Cependant, il serait illégal pour un homosexuel accusé de pédophilie de diriger une maison d’accueil pour garçons démunis.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
28 juillet 2015 (100 ans de l’occupation américaine)

A second time, he said, Geilenfeld touched him and put his mouth on his penis and later beat him because he rejected the man’s advances. He said Geilenfeld told him he’d have to make ‘a sacrifice’ if he wanted help in pursuing his dream of living in the U.S.

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Portland Press Herald Article – Jully 16, 2015
Man who lived in Haitian orphanage says in defamation trial that founder molested him


Comments as of 7/27/2015

Ruth Moore

Thank you Mr Madrigal for your courageous testimony in court involving your childhood abuse by Mr Geilenfeld. Because of your commitment and strength to tell the truth, others will gain the courage to speak publicly about the sexual abuse and the shame they endured as children.


Ruth, you just the kind of naive and brainless lemming that a lawyer would love to have on the jury.

Do you believe everything you read?


Dave, I am beginning to see why Thomas Doyle, when reviewing one of your books on Amazon, accused you of trashing the victims and why those folks who post on Catholics4Change revile you so much. 🙁


And you are just the kind of brainless lemming that Catholic clerics love to have speak out when their pedophilia is exposed.

CJ Plourde

Though I settled out of court with the Diocese in 1993, they continue to lie and cover for priests. I say this and know that just a few years ago they covered up the abuse a priest in Aroostook extended on my sister, and which led to his being driven out of our community. In a court proceeding from a woman who says she was abused by my brother in law, (my sister later met up with him and married him) when he was a priest in southern Maine, the Diocese claims they had no knowledge of his behaviour. Clearly, this is a lie. How many other boys were abused at St. Michaels, and by these pedophiles? I am willing to talk to any reporter.

CJ Plourde

I have my own story, about Portland Diocese, my pedophile/priest brother in law, and the Catholic Charities boy’s home I was in, St. Michael’s Center, in Bangor, Maine, and the abuse I suffered at the hands of a house parent, the staff psychologist, and Father David Cote, the director.



  • The verdict shocks me. The poor are so easy to disregard. The jury did not believe one of the survivors. I can’t help believe that the disbelief was because the jury did not trust poor black people. They trusted the alleged child molester. Who has God on his side. Remember, this trial does not prove Geilenfeld’s innocence. Don’t give up. Thank you to the seven men who stood up in this trial. Thank you to the other men that have stood up in Haiti, that did not make it to this trial. Our American justice system has failed you. But the story is not over. Keep standing up. You will prevail.

  • I am absolutely completely appalled that these seven boys who found the courage to come forward and share the horror of being abused were not believed. Children matter and we need to listen to them and protect them form anyone who would violate their innocents because of their own perverted, sick, and selfish desire to satisfy their own needs. Our sociality has an obligation to protect the vulnerable!

  • Clearly, the people of the jury do not understand the terrible, profound, and lasting damage done to those abused. They do not seem to understand how some compassionate people in our society are compelled to stand up for and be of service to survivors of abuse. Clearly, there are still many people in Maine who do not “get it” when we speak up (and have done so for over 25 years, now!) about the extensive network of complicity and cover-up that enables the sexual abuse of the young and the vulnerable by church officials.
    How can we, as a “civilized” society, turn our backs in such a way on 7 brave survivors who came forward to tell of their suffering at the hands of this church official?
    Let’s be clear… this decision does NOT mean that the abuse did not occur.
    It does mean that justice is only for the church, and not for the survivors of its years of abuse and devastation in the lives of so many left to put the pieces of their wounded souls back together.
    I only wish there were more people with the courage of Paul Kendrick, because I believe that when the courageous speak the truth about abuse, children’s lives are saved.
    When I came forward about the abuse I suffered at the hands of priest Michael Doucette in 1991, I was met with a brick wall of ignorance and disbelief. I am so profoundly saddened that, after all these years, nothing has changed in Maine.
    My solidarity and support are with my brother survivors and with my hero, Paul Kendrick, for standing once again with survivors at a huge personal price.
    Given today’s decision, I will have to pray harder for the safety of the young and the vulnerable in Maine and in Haïti.

  • I am heart broken. I can’t believe that no ones hears these boys and believes their stories. How many times will we ignore the cries of those who have no voice? What does it take for us to believe them?

  • There are networks of pedophiles in America and the world filled with many millionaires and billionaires. They wield unimaginable power and can buy judges and other public officials in all the countries on earth. They will do anything to continue to have access to children for their vile and destructive acts on the most vulnerable in our society.

  • What a miscarriage of justice. Bravo to the survivors who bravely testified at this trial, and to Paul Kendrick who tried to stop horrific acts. The truth is still out there thanks to your efforts. May you find peace, and may your courage continue to inspire others.

    This verdict is a travesty of justice. Our society is still in denial ( or uneducated ) about the sexual exploitation and abuse of minors. Not one juror believed these Haitian men? Not one? I am heartbroken that these courageous men came to the United States to share their painful and traumatic stories and were, in essence, revictimized by our judicial system. I applaud their courage. They are not alone. And I applaud Paul Kendrick for sacrificing what he has to get their stories told. I pray and hope they find healing. Shame on us.



Portland Press Herald

July 23, 2015

Read Entire Article:


Hearts with Haiti & Michael Geilenfeld v. Paul Kendrick
Judge John Woodcock, Jr., presiding.

9:00 am / Trial resumes / CLOSING ARGUMENTS BEGIN


Paul Kendrick of Freeport testifies in his own defense at defamation trial

July 21, 2015 – Portland Press Herald

Click either link to read the article on the Portland Press Herald’s web site.

Freeport resident Paul Kendrick blames himself that an investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found no evidence to support his widely broadcast claim that the American founder of an orphanage in Haiti had sexually abused many of the boys in his care.

You can click the image below to read the article on the Portland Press Herald’s web site.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

IGNATIUS GROUP____A Haitian man testified yesterday in U.S. Federal Court in Portland, ME that when he was a 14 year old boy living in Michael Geilenfeld’s orphanage in Haiti, Geilenfeld gave him a “big plastic dick” so that the boy could practice on himself in preparation for the “sacrifice.”
The trial resumes today at 8:30 am.

Trial Schedule / 

Tuesday July 21, 2015

Hearts with Haiti & Michael Geilenfeld v. Paul Kendrick

Judge John A.Woodcock, Jr., presiding

Michael Geilenfeld is a former Catholic Brother and member of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity.

8:30 a.m. / Trial resumes.
2:30 p.m. / Court recesses for the day
A schedule of the next day’s witnesses will be published each day.
Trial moved to:
U.S. Bankruptcy Court

537 Congress Street

2nd Floor

Portland, Maine 04101

For more information:

Michael J. Sweatt, Portland, ME, 207-831-3791