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Bangor Daily News

“Kendrick released the confidential information through widely distributed emails or posts on a colleague’s blog. But he told the court he did so because he believed the information revealed Haitian children were still in danger of abuse at the nonprofit’s facilities.”



Portland Press Herald

“‘Having (now) been through the judicial process for the first time in my life – and it’s been over two years – it’s been a very disappointing process in which to get to the truth,’ Kendrick said.

“Kendrick said Geilenfeld’s attorneys have done ‘everything they can to deflect the truth to minimalize the truth to protect a multi-accused child molester and to provide him with unlimited access to children.'”



Ignatius Group___

When, in early 2011, allegations of child sexual abuse against Haiti orphanage director, Michael Geilenfeld, became more clear and forceful than ever, Geilenfeld responded by issuing a brand new child protection policy on his orphanage’s web site (click link below).

Although there are no studies to back up his claims, no research to validate his statements, Geilenfeld wants us to believe that “children with histories of abuse often accuse people in their lives they feel safe with of abuse, abuse that was actually committed by others…”

In other words, Geilenfeld wants us to believe that the seven Haitian men who are prepared to testify in U.S District Court in Portland, ME that they were sexually abused by Geilenfeld when they were children living in Geilenfeld’s care in Haiti were actually abused by someone other than Geilenfeld and have chosen to testify against Geilenfeld because they feel “safe” with him.

Excerpt from Child Protection Policy of Michael Geilenfeld’s orphanage in Haiti.

“The St. Joseph Family also recognizes that when children with a history of abuse find themselves in a safe place, they often are finally able to acknowledge internally and externally their past abuse, however how that takes place is often not in truthful and accurate ways. Children with histories of abuse often accuse people in their lives they feel safe with of abuse, abuse that was actually committed by others, because that is the only way they feel safe acknowledging their past experiences. Because of this, we have policies in place not only to protect the children of the St. Joseph Family from any abuse, but to also try to protect members of the St. Joseph Family leader- ship, staff, volunteers and guests from false and  misdirected accusations of abuse.”