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Tom Reeves is one of the founding members of NAMBLA and has been a national spokesman for NAMBLA. Tom Reeves is also one of the original signatories on the Reform Sex Offender Laws Campaign petition.

Reeves died on February 19, 2012. In lieu of flowers, Mr. Reeves requested that donations be sent to the St. Joseph’s orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti (

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MIchael Geilenfeld, a US citizen, is the founder and Executive Director of the St. Joseph’s orphanages in Haiti.

Hearts with Haiti is a North Carolina based non-profit that provides funding to the St. Joseph’s orphanage.


Hearts With Haiti Inc., based in Raleigh, N.C., and Michael Geilenfeld, executive director of St. Joseph Family of Haiti, filed a lawsuit on February 6, 2013 against Paul Kendrick of Freeport, Maine in U.S. District Court in Portland, Maine. The plaintiffs allege that Kendrick’s false allegations that Geilenfeld has sexually abused children has defamed the organization and caused fundraising events in the U.S. to be cancelled.

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On February 13, 2014, seven minor children who had been living at the St. Joseph’s orphanage were placed into the protective custody of IBESR, the Haiti National Social Welfare Agency.

Pro-pedophile activist Tom Reeves is best known for the role that he played in founding NAMBLA. In the late 1970s, prior to the formation of NAMBLA, Tom Reeves was already referring to himself as a “Boylover” and publicly defending adults making sexual contact with adolescents. On December 2, 1978, Reeves organized a meeting on the topic of “man-boy love,”; it was at this meeting which NAMBLA was formed. Inside of NAMBLA, Reeves played a prolific role acting as a spokesman for the organization.

In the late 90’s, Reeves formed a new group of pedophile activists and their allies called “Reform Sex Offender Laws.” It is known as The New NAMBLA because it has the same goals, agendas and many of the same members as the original NAMBLA.

English version —

Five (5) Victims of a Pedophile at the St. Joseph’s Orphanage at Delmas 91 have reached the Cabinet of investigation in the Haitian’s Justice court.–

[This complaint is being brought against Michael Geilenfeld, Director of the St. Joseph’s Orphanage known as St. Joseph’s Home for Boys at Delmas 91 in a civil action, Walnes Cangas, Assistant Director at the Home, Renee Dietrich, Director of the Wings of Hope Orphanage located in Fermathe, John Duarte, Financial Supporter for the Home for Boys, Bill Nathan and Phillip Norris. The following crimes have also been included in the complaint: Breach of Trust, Sexual Assault, Rape, Physical Abuse, Fraud, Abuse of Authority, Abuse of Drugs and Drug Abuse, Molestation and finally human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation.]

FULL TEXT of Criminal Complaint:

54 Avenue Lamartiniere
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Tel: 2942-5555

February 11, 2014

The Honorable Judge of Port-au-Prince, in the Hall of Justice,

Messrs. Emile Millien,
Sony Derazin,
Sean Roubens Jean Sacra,
Jean Rony St.-Victor,
Jean Dume Viard,
All individuals residing and working both in Haiti and abroad and were identified by passport numbers and National Identification Numbers as follows: CG 1952923; PP1907645 ; 08-01-99-1981-12-00300; 004-865-652-2, 01-03-99-1979-07-00170; 007-676-747-2, 01-01 – 99 – 1979-1905 -00185; 003-873-329-2,
being represented by members of the Cap-Haitien, Haiti, Bar : Emmanuel Jeanty and Herode Charnel and by members of Port-au-Prince Bar, Aviol Fleurant, Michel Ange Asse with the following I.D. and Tax I.D. : 006-570-207-6, 03-01-99-1974-12-00030, I-3022310, A0518491; 006-651-413-4; 03-01-99-1983-05-00034; I-2752737; 003-611-689-3, 1155806, 80948031; 001-116-856-2,1321055, 80974726, with a proper mailing address for service in Cabinet Fleurant located at 54 Avenue Lamartinière (Bois Verna), Port-au- Prince, Haiti ;

In honor to explain you :

1- Briefly identify the parts of this complaint, and to put into context how the people lodging the complaint were involved :
The individuals were under the care of Michael Geilenfeld, a missionary of American nationality, and residing at his orphanage called St. Joseph’s Home for Boys located at Delmas 91. They have all either been raped or attempted to be violated by either Mr. Geilenfeld or his executives who had a heavy responsibility to ensure the children in his custody were properly raised and educated.

Simply put, their stay at the orphanages run by this individual was hell. Geilenfeld used several tricks to silence his victims and keep them quiet through the years.
These included threats and intimidation by promising to kick them out into the street, corruption of a minor, drug use, prison, and a series of threats that would discourage the victims to ever file a complaint against him.

Geilenfeld would hold the court for justice, and he stated justice belonged to those with the money, and that “every man has his price”.

This complaint is presented as a civil suit against Michael Geilenfeld, Director of the St. Joseph Home for Boys orphanage, on Delmas 91; Walnes Cangas, Assistant Director at the home for boys, Renee Dietrich, Director of Wings of Hope orphanage, which is included in the St. Joseph Family of Homes network located Fermathe; John Duarte, financial supporter for the home for boys; Bill Nathan and Phillip Norris.

This complaint is also lodged against them for the following charges: Breach of Trust, Sexual Assault, Rape, Physical Abuse, Fraud, Abuse of Authority, Abuse of Drugs and Drug Abuse, Molestation and finally for Trafficking in Human Beings for the purpose of Sexual Exploitation.

Many people will attest to the truth of the facts of what actually occurred in the orphanages of the St. Joseph Home for Boys of Delmas 91 and the Wings of Hope in Fermathe. The witnesses prepared to attest the facts in this first phase, are all the victims in this case, and in a second phase the following individuals are included:

David Cadet
Destin Jean Baptiste
Marc Louis,
Brunel, who is well known
Richy Ruiz, currently in custody at the National Penitentiary

2 . Illegal and detrimental acts of Geilenfeld and others :
Witnesses are willing to testify to the court of the illegal and detrimental acts Geilenfeld and his executives have done to them at a time deemed appropriate by the judge. They will present all the compelling evidence needed to render justice for all the Acts Against Sexual Freedom, Corruption of a Minor, Pimping, Trafficking in Human Beings for Sexual Exploitation, Attempted Murder, Drug Abuse and other acts proving that Michael Geilenfeld and his associates have carefully engineered the silence of the victims. Geilenfeld and his cronies have failed to protect and provide for the minors he was charged to protect. Geilenfeld sexually exploited and/or arranged to have other people who exploited the boys come to the home, spend time at the orphanage for an erotic romp or inappropriate touching of the male minors.

Children are turned into prostitutes and became possessions belonging to Geilenfeld. This is a practice that is incompatible with human dignity by all international standards. These orphans could not report the facts as they were relentlessly threatened by the all powerful missionary, who made the victims and his associates at both orphanages believe that he and his associates are above the law. Some of these children saw the missionary falsify official documents to travel with children out of Haiti, where they were then raped by Geilenfeld’s friends.
In addition, it should be noted here that Geilenfeld was in fact a teacher, and had authority over the minors as the director for an institution for young orphans.

In an effort to prevent these crimes from being disclosed, they were threatened with false accusations against them concerning drug activity or conspiracy to imprison, as in the case where Geilenfeld falsely accused a victim [As was the case of VIARD accusing and imprison only because he wanted to disclosed the wrong doing at Saint-Joseph Home for Boys]. Sometimes employees are either injured or attempted to be murdered in the orphanage [As was the case of Brunel being jailed for trying to kill another child in the orphanage and seriously injured another employee in the home. Brunel was released a few days after the incident to the supervision of Geilenfeld. Geilenfeld has encouraged some of the children to commit crimes. [For example Richy Ruiz who is incarcerated in the Haitian National Penitentiary. He was arrested for being in possession of a gun that was used by bandits to murder a policeman. After being arrested, he stated that the gun he had in his possession was in fact owned by one of Geilenfeld’s subordinate leaders of the home.]

In addition, a former resident of St. Joseph’s Home for Boys named Destin Jean Baptiste, was nearly killed after being attacked by another one of Geilenfeld’s subordinates after the subordinate was told Jean Baptiste was on his way to file a complaint against Geilenfeld. His attacker was arrested, but released a few days later without formal judgment for his crime.

Often, Geilenfeld invites children to participate in ceremonies that go against the boys faith. Geilenfeld made the funeral and burial for a dog named Micky a major ceremony. However, a child placed in particularly inhumane conditions and subsequently died after drowning, received no funeral. Geilenfeld sees the dog much more than the small Haitian who had to die due to negligence and recklessness. That unfortunate, physically challenged child was forced to fill a water tank from a water source located a few hundred meters from the orphanage, Wings of Hope.

The victims making the complaint, would like to remind the judge that Geilenfeld’s group is extremely powerful, highly corrupt and bloody. The fact that their orphanage is still operating is only in the margin of law, since it does not have a license to operate in Haiti. The Institute of Social Welfare (IBSR) has sent a formal demand letter, dated January 31, 2014, referencing the Decree of December 22, 1971, and demanding the orphanage close it’s doors. In that same letter, Ms. Arielle Jeanty Vildouin, Director of IBSR, listed a second reason they are demanding the closure of the orphanage. The letter notes the multiple claims against the morality of the conduct for the leaders of St. Joseph Home for Boys of Delmas 91. Due to the failure of moral conduct of the leaders of St. Joseph Home for Boys, the current young people residing at the home have no future and no hope.

3. Law and Cooperating Punishable Acts of Michael Geilenfeld and Associates:
The clauses 49, 50, 58, 63, 65, 78, 90 and following of the Law of August 7, 2001 on the Supervision and Control of Illicit Drug Trafficking, support victims in their efforts to see justice and look for the opportunity in their favor after their long obstacle course to seek justice. Many other victims promise to join the movement if justice is possible through public action against Geilenfeld, who has boasted he is untouchable in Haiti.

Haiti ratified a UN convention called ” Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others ” in 1949. This document states that prostitution is incompatible with human dignity, requiring all stakeholders to punish pimping, operators and owners of houses to close and abolish all special treatment in the registration of prostitutes.

Whether border security, drug trafficking and trafficking in human beings, in April 2013, these issues were made a priority by Secretary General of Interpol, Ronald K. Noble and the Minister of Justice and Public Security in Haiti, Jean Renel Sanon, the Director General of the Haitian National Police, Mr. Godson Orelus, and the Director of the School of Haitian Police, Jean Miguélitte Maxime.
In addition, the Article 71 of the Law of August 7, 2001 on the supervision and control of illicit drug trafficking threat: “The penalties provided for in Articles 47 to 56 shall be doubled when the offender,

* Belonged to an organized group or a criminal association;
* Participated in other illegal activities facilitated by the offense. The maximum penalties for offenses under this Act shall be doubled if the offender was a teacher or a police officer, a person responsible for the application of the Laws, a health professional or person responsible for the fight against abuse or illicit drug trafficking;
• Exercising public authority functions and the offense was committed in the exercise of those functions;
• Was invested with moral authority. ”

In addition, the clause 78 below the title VII of the Act focused on CRIMINAL LIABILITY OF LEGAL PERSONS in this case relates that: « Legal persons, other than the State, on behalf or for whose benefit any of the offenses set forth in Articles 47 to 53, 57 to 59 and 62 has been committed by one of their associations or representatives of law or fact, shall be punished by a fine of a maximum rate equal to five times said the fines specified items, without prejudice to the conviction of individuals or accomplices to the offense.

They may also be sentenced to one or more of the following:

• the dissolution, if the corporation was created to facilitate the commission of any of the above offenses;
• permanent exclusion or for a period of 6 months to 2 years to exercise, directly or indirectly, certain professional or business activities;
• to close permanently or for a period of 6 months to 2 years, companies, subsidiaries, branches or establishments used to commit the offense;
• dissemination of the decision by the press or by any other means of audiovisual communication that contravenes a prohibition imposed under paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Article shall be punished by a fine of twenty thousand (20,000) to one hundred thousand (100,000) Gourds and dissolution of the corporation, or one of these penalties.

However, the penalty of dissolution is not applicable to legal persons under public law, political parties, unions.

The Article 90 of the said Act directs,
« In case of prosecutions for the offenses provided for in Articles 47-53 and 57-59 Dean of the Court of First Instance Territorial Jurisdiction, may request of the Ministry public order on a provisional basis for a maximum period of 3 months, renewable once the closure of a house open to the public or used by the public when these offenses were committed by the operator of the house or with its complicity. »

The decision may be appealed to the Court of Appeal within 10 days of its execution or of its notification to interested parties.

Supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime Protocol defines trafficking in persons as follows:

« The term ” trafficking in persons ” shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force for the purpose of exploitation. »

The interpol and the decree of the National Assembly dated January 12, 2004 sanctioning the additional protocol to the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime recounts: « Trafficking in human beings is a form of international organized crime similar to modern slavery that brings in billions of dollars. It’s victims are recruited and taken to a country or region to another by traffickers who use deception or coercion. They are deprived of their independence, their freedom of movement and their free will, and subjected to various forms of physical and psychological abuse. »

It also indicates that there are three [3] major forms of trafficking human beings :

• Trafficking for forced labor
• Human trafficking for sexual exploitation;
• Organ trafficking.

Whether Article 3 of the Decree of the National Assembly dated January 12, 2004 the sanctioning supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime on the terminology protocol states:
“For the purposes of this Protocol:

a) “Trafficking in persons” shall mean the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation shall include, at a minimum, the exploitation of the prostitution of others or other forms of sexual exploitation, forced labor or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude or the removal of organs;

b) The consent of a victim of trafficking in persons to the intended exploitation set forth in subparagraph a) of this article shall be irrelevant where any of the means set forth in paragraph a) was used;

c) The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of a child for the purpose of exploitation shall be considered “trafficking in persons” even if they do involve any of the means set forth in subparagraph a) of this section;

d) “Child” means any person under the age of 18.

4. Application of Victims :

The complainants, all victims and witnesses require the Magistrate to proceed with the closure of St. Joseph Home for Boys of Delmas 91 and all other orphanages under the direction of Michael Geilenfeld. You are implored to take all necessary and legal measures to prevent Geilenfeld from leaving the haitian soil before a national court hands down a decision, in its favor, if possible. It will be just.

Sincerely. Emmanuel JEANTY, Lawyer. –

Version Française :





12/1/2011 – 2153  -5 GMT

E. Benjamin Skinner
Senior Fellow
Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University

Author of:  A Crime So Monstrous: Face to Face With Modern Day Slavery


I didn’t mean to infer that you thought Emile Millien’s claims could be bullshit.  I respect your right to your opinion. I have known your stance on this matter for quite some time, though you only stated it clearly in this email; you don’t see any evidence of sexual abuse, and you smell a rat in Millien’s, or rather the accusers’ direction.  I smell the rat in Geilenfeld direction. Or, I smell the rat in affiliations of Geilenfeld’s direction.  My diatribe was only an argument that the bullshit could be coming from Geilenfeld’s direction, rather than the accusers’ direction.  My attempt to persuade you.

Many stories I have been told point me in this direction.  Some examples.

You are familiar with Resurrection Dance Theatre I am sure.  I believe they have performed in these US states: AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, MA, MD, NC, NY, OH, NE, SC, VA; perhaps more: They came thru Atlanta in April 2011.  Their center piece was of a young boy who shined shoes, and was physically abused by an adult.  This young boy was presented as an orphan, and St. Joseph’s swept him off the street.  We were told the theater / dance piece was rooted in the reality of this boy’s true experience.  God heard this young boy ringing his bell telling God, ‘I am here’.  It is a truly wonderful story and a wonderful piece of theatre.  Yet I have been told that this is a ruse.  The man playing the abusing customer is named Roland.  Roland is actually the father of the young boy that was supposedly an orphan.  I have been told by more than one source that Roland is Geilenfeld’s current lover.  I have been told that Geilenfeld has had several “girl friends” (as the boys at the orphanage allegedly call his boyfriends) over the years like Roland.  I have been told that a young man at the orphanage has a terrible problem with his rectum because of sexual abuse.  I have been told that one of the three signatories on a letter that is on had HIV.  He wrote about Geilenfeld having abused him and others.  I have been told that this man had been getting medicine thru St. Josephs for HIV.  I have been told that when he signed his name to that letter, he stopped receiving his medicine.  I have been told that this man died.  I have been told that currently, there is a young man in hiding in Haiti, because he is afraid of Geilenfeld and what he and others at St. Joseph’s might do to him because he has been accused of helping another young man leave the orphanage community seeking safety.  I have been told that Geilenfeld is not the only person sexually abusing youth at the orphanage, but other young men are doing this too, according to Cyrus Sibert.  The names of people that I have heard that may be joining Geilenfeld in sexual abuse have been shocking to me.  One of those names is Bill Nathan.  I still find that hard to believe.   I have been told that young men drop by the orphanage collecting $200+, not having done any work for the money, perhaps hush money.  I have been told that Geilenfeld wasn’t at an IBSER hearing that supposedly exonerated him back in 1991 after the orphanage coup (not the Haitian coup of the early 90’s); he was in the U.S.A..  I have been told that when boys complained of sexual abuse in Boston at the hand of Geilenfeld, that Geilenfeld got other older youth, specifically Millien and Mark Louis, to make the boys go back to the radio station and recant their accusations.  I have been told by a journalist at the Windsor Star, who wrote about priest pedophile John Duarte for 4 years, that when he first started writing about John Duarte and his sexual abuse of children, that Geilenfeld’s name came up in this context at the very beginning of his work in Haiti.  This man told me that he was surprised that Geilenfeld was still in Haiti.  He thought he would have cut and run by now because “everyone knows that he is doing it”.

The stories continue.

I could not ignore them.

I had to change from ardent supporter, to highly suspicious.

This life is truly a miracle.  Many well-intentioned people see this situation with so many different perspectives.  Most of us seem pretty entrenched in our evaluation of this.  As I travel thru life, I travel back and forth on a spectrum of seeing man and woman kind as selfish and egoistic, only able to see the world from our own limited experience, to seeing a spectrum of tremendous and miraculous human possibility, where people can connect with each other and improve all of our lives.  This sex abuse scandal surrounding Geilenfeld takes me more to the opinion that we are all selfish beings; or rather, the fact that supporters and advocates differ so widely takes me to an icy evaluation of men and women’s ability to find Truth.  I include myself in this assessment, or perhaps current emotion.

I do find your belief puzzling though,  just as Millien puzzles you.  With your knowledge of modern slavery, I would think you would want an investigation, and that you would make sure it would happen, and would ask Geilenfeld to leave the orphanage while the investigation was proceeding.  Lack of evidence seems to be the nature of pedophilia.  It is shrouded in secrecy.  Yet, Geilenfeld has encountered…

  • Sexual abuse allegations in Boston, 1987;
  • sexual abuse allegations in Haiti and the US in 1990;
  • sexual abuse allegations in Detroit in 1995;
  • sexual abuse allegations in United Kingdom and Haiti in 1997;
  • sexual abuse allegations in Haiti, 1999;
  • sexual abuse allegations in Haiti and U.S, 2006-2007
  • sexual abuse allegations in early 2011 – men contacting Cyrus Sibert (not just Millien) and telling him of sexual abuse at St. Joseph’s;
  • Cyrus Sibert writing that 100s of people all over the globe have been affected by sexual abuse at St. Joseph’s.

(The list above taken from a letter dated June 1, 2011 addressed to Kenneth Merten, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti, CC’d to Rod Khatabbi, Special Agent, Department of Homeland Security, signed by Robert Hoatson, President, Road to Recovery, 862-368-2800, Paul Kellen, National Survivor Advocacy Coalition, 781-395-3628, Ruth Moore, Speak Truth to Power, 781-264-6519, Michael Sweatt, National Survivor Advocacy Coalition, 207-831-3791)

From my perspective, it seems that those who refuse to see the high possibility that sexual abuse is happening at St. Joseph’s are not unlike the graduate student that observed Sandusky in the shower with the young boy, who tells his father, who gets news to Coach Paterno, who tells the college president, who tells Sandusky to just get off the campus, in effect removing the physical act from the holy ground of Penn State.  Yet in the supporters of Geilenfeld case, the holy ground is the individual’s mind and stance in life, so the allegations are pushed off the individual’s holy ground and just ignored.
I spoke with a woman in Arizona several days ago.  She is a veteran of going to Haiti, and she used to visit and support Geilenfeld’s orphanage.  Yet she sensed something was wrong, and decided that she would no longer support him.  She engages with other groups now.  Ignore it, and it goes away.  Just get these allegations out of my mind, and I don’t have to deal with it.


A quote:

Child abusers don’t just “groom” the victims; they also “groom” the community for trust and respect.

Have a safe trip to Indonesia.

Robert Bryan Davis

btw, you mentioned in a previous email that Hearts With Haiti “agreed that a comprehensive investigation of the allegations should be carried out by the appropriate U.S. and Haitian authorities”.  Did Hearts With Haiti call for an investigation by ICE (did they contact US and Haitian authorities and request an investigation as Hearts Together For Haiti did – John Duarte’s non-profit support in Canada), or did they just agree that an investigation should be carried out?  There is a big difference.

12/1/2011 12:51:23 AM

E. Benjamin Skinner
Senior Fellow
Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University

Author of:  A Crime So Monstrous: Face to Face With Modern Day Slavery


Thank you for your quick reply.

Btw, you mentioned in a previous email that Hearts With Haiti “agreed that a comprehensive investigation of the allegations should be carried out by the appropriate U.S. and Haitian authorities“.  Did Hearts With Haiti call for an investigation by ICE (did they contact US and Haitian authorities and request an investigation as Hearts Together For Haiti did – John Duarte’s non-profit support in Canada), or did they just agree that an investigation should be carried out?  There is a big difference.

I recommend you call Steve McDougall, chair of Board of Directors for Hearths Together For Haiti.  He and the board investigated John Duarte when allegations of sexual abuse came up.  I have talked with him.  I asked if he would be willing to talk to representatives from Hearts With Haiti or the Haitian Timoun Foundation and he said he would be willing to speak about their experience with sexual abuse committed by John Duarte, their beneficiary.

I do believe Paul Kendrick and Cyrus Sibert have asked for federal investigations on behalf of Millien and other alleged victims.  I am not sure Millien has asked for the investigation himself.  I believe Millien’s, and other alleged victims’ contact information have been given to ICE by Kendrick and / or others.

I agree with your thoughts regarding Millien.

Although, in looking at the Sandusky debacle, it seems people don’t take action regarding their experience of sexual abuse until they are pushed to it.    Apparently today, a 29 year old, “John Doe”, is filing suit against Sandusky, 2cnd Mile, and Penn State.  He spoke through his lawyer, saying he has never told a soul until recently.  Only when he heard the news break about Sandusky did he decide to come forward with his story.  Perhaps it has hurt too much.  Or, perhaps he has been too frightened.  According to his lawyer, Jeff Anderson, Sandusky threatened him and his family if he told about the sexual abuse.  He was also told that no one would believe him if he told.   I suppose that if you are groomed by an abuser, threatened by an abuser, told that no one will believe you by an abuser, over and over again, all when you are 6 to say 15 years old, it would be pretty tough to break those forged mental chains.    (

I am told that the average age in America for sexual abuse victims to start speaking about this pain is in the late 30s or early 40s.  I don’t believe Millien has attained that age.  Or, he is just now reaching his mid-thirties.  Perhaps he is coming into his time where he can speak about his experience more publicly, perhaps in a legal context.  I hope he chooses to do so.  I hope ICE gets its bullshit shovel out as well.

“Data before bullshit” (quoting your email) is an effective mantra I imagine.

If Geilenfeld and / or others have been committing sexual abuse at St. Joseph’s, they would have groomed all of their victims to submit to their sexual desires; or rather, they might have filled their victims with plenty of bullshit starting when the victims were 5 or 6 years old.  Teaching their Pavlovian lesson to their victims so their dogs come running at their ringing bells, and cower at the thought of telling someone.  Not to mention the money that could be involved.  If sexual abuse has been happening at St. Joseph’s, then plenty of bullshit has been heaped on well-meaning financial supporters – $2 million from supporters of Hearts With Haiti alone in 2010.  If sexual abuse is happening at St. Joseph’s, plenty of bullshit has been heaped on 100’s, perhaps 1000’s of people that have visited the orphanages since the mid-1980s.   If sexual abuse is happening at St. Joseph’s, is raising $2 million + from naive supporters tantamount to fraud?  Now that’s some bullshit too.

If you or I were an orphan.  If you or I were Haitian.  If you or I had subsequently had a roof over our heads where before we were on the street or a slave.  If you or I had food, school, medicine.  If you or I were safe and off the streets.  If you or I were sexually abused in an orphanage in Haiti.  Would you or I be inclined to tell anyone?  I don’t think you or I would be strong enough to speak.  Most likely we would be back on the streets if we told.  And, most likely, you or I would recant our story for fear of being thrown out on the street.  This is probably the case in Haiti (Duarte, Perlitz, possibly Geilenfeld).  This is probably the case in “John Doe’s” case with Sandusky.

Victims of sexual abuse in the US have waited until their 30s and 40s to tell, and many, perhaps most of these victims did not live in as harsh conditions as the streets of Haiti.  So if these folks wait so long, I believe I can understand why an alleged victim like Millien has not pressed formal charges to date.  (“I can think of no honorable reason why he has not sought formal charges“- quoting your email).

If sexual abuse is happening at St. Josephs, the bullshit is deeper than a lot of shit you or I can imagine, and it will take a lot of patience and will to dig out from under it.  If patience and will are forsaken, then data is just plain dead.


R Bryan Davis

Twain certainly was full of bullshit.  But at least he was humorous!

I am full of long-winded bullshit.  I hope my long-winded shit is worth it!

– a quote from John Doe – Sandusky / 2cd Mile / Penn State civil law suit –

“I never told anybody what he did to me over 100 times at all kinds of places, until the newspapers reported he had abused other kids, and the people at Penn State and 2cd Mile didn’t do the things they should have to.  I am hurting, and have been for a long time because of what happened, but feel now even more tormented that I have learned of so many other kids were abused after me.”

11/11/2011 8:48:17 PM

Mr. Skinner:

Thank you for your communication.

Please forward to me your communication with the US federal official charged with investigating cases of American citizens accused of child sexual abuse abroad.  I would like to know the name of the agency you have reported this to, and the name of the person(s) who you are giving this information to.  Please include their mailing and or email address.  I would like to write them, directly, as well.  An investigation will not happen unless the government is encouraged by the people.  It takes more than one person.   Hopefully with the Penn State sex abuse debacle, your contact(s) will take this request to heart.

Do you plan to encourage Hearts With Haiti, the Haitian Timoun Foundation, and other supporters, to encourage a U.S. investigation?  I hope so.  These foundations seem to be turning the other cheek in a Joe Paterno sort of way.  The outcome of an investigation could only be positive in that it will do one of two things:  stop any sexual abuse that might be going on or wipe the slate clean so the orphanages can continue on a strong footing.

If someone, or some people, have to be removed as a result of an investigation, the communities that have been supporting these orphanages need to start thinking about next steps:  who will lead, etc.

Again, thank you for responding.

Robert Bryan Davis
Atlanta, GA

I understand your sentiment about the internet not being the appropriate forum.  Yet I must disagree.  That is tantamount to saying a book is not the proper forum to discuss modern slavery, only sworn depositions or a court of law.  Sexual abuse and slavery seem to be similarly heinous crimes. If books and the internet were not the proper forum, no one would ever learn of modern slavery in the same way you have drawn attention to it.  I listened to your NPR interview via the internet, two years after the interview took place.  Perhaps your book, your correspondence on the internet, the entries you post on a blog…regarding modern slavery will prompt law enforcement into action regarding slavery in this hemisphere.  Perhaps the same with sexual abuse in Haiti.  As you know, it is a wide spread problem, according to the Haitian press I have read on the internet.

Sexual abuse, by its very nature, is secretive, difficult to flush out, people protect the perpetrator, either unconsciously because of the perpetrator’s super-star status, or knowingly, because they know they will lose a roof over their head, lose their food, lose their A.I.D.s medicine….if they talk.  Hearts Together For Haiti, the foundation that supported John Duarte in Labadie, received an anonymous internet email about sexual abuse perpetrated by Duarte; this prompted them to investigate.  Apparently whoever sent that email was too scared to speak to a person about their experience.   The allegations turned out to be true.  Without the internet, people in the US would not have been able to read Haitian journalist Cyrus Sibert, who apparently was instrumental in bringing Doug Perlitz to justice, or been able to read Don Lajoie of the Windsor Star, who wrote extensively about John Duarte.  I would imagine email was used to report sexual abuse at St. Joseph’s to Cyrus Sibert.  According to an article by Sibert, young men began contacting Sibert about sexual abuse allegedly occurring at St. Joseph’s  after the news of Doug Perlitz arrest and conviction went public.  The internet has allowed people to become aware of the possibility of sexual abuse at St. Joseph’s.  Perhaps internet discussions such as these will prompt law enforcement to take a look.



11/10/2011 10:05:37 PM

ABC News
77 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Dear Sir / Madam:

Dan Harris of ABC News wrote an article entitled “Haitian Man Who Rescues Boys in Trouble Rescued From Haiti’s Devastation” on January 17, 2010.  The story was about a man Bill Nathan, whom I have met and spent some time with.

Mr. Nathan works at St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, located in Port au Prince, Haiti.  Mike Geilenfeld founded the orphanage in 1985. Mike Geilenfeld is still the Executive Director of St. Joseph’s Home for Boys.   I have visited the orphanage twice – October 2010, and October 2011.  When I returned recently, I found the following posted on the internet:

Haiti – Pedophil : One more testimony of Michael Geilenfeld’s victims.

There have been sexual abuse allegations going back to the 1980s regarding Mike Geilenfeld at St. Joseph’s Home for Boys.    Yet the allegations are always explained away, and nothing has been done.  I don’t know if these allegations are true or not, yet none of the foundations supporting Mr. Geilenfeld are willing to start an investigation.  He is doing too much ‘good’ in their eyes; how could he be sexually abusing the children.  However, two or three men have recently been convicted of sexual abuse in Haiti.  John Duarte was looked upon as somewhat messianic by his followers.  Yet he was abusing children. As was Doug Perlitz in Cape Haïtien.  I fear Mr. Geilenfeld might be doing the same.

I urge you to speak with Don Lajoie of the Windsor Star (Canada).  He wrote extensively about John Duarte in Canada.  I have spoken with him; he said he heard about Geilenfeld as soon as he started writing about Duarte.

I have corresponded with a lot of people, read a lot of articles regarding Mike Geilenfeld’s possible sexual abuse.  It seems that sexual abuse is a horrible problem in Haiti.  People are so bad off, that if they are fed, or housed, or schooled, they put up with sexual abuse, so they can survive.

This is not right.  I fear this is going on all over the world.  Well-meaning people give millions of dollars to help people all around the globe.  Yet there may be a lot of ‘humanitarians’ who collect this money, help people, but sexually abuse the vulnerable for their own pleasure / sickness.

I urge ABC News to do a series on this problem.  John Duarte was literally a little lower than a messiah in Labadie, Haiti.  He brought medicine, built schools, was a doctor, judge, mayor, priest, confidant, sheriff, …. all wrapped up into one.  He brought millions of dollars over the years into the economy in Labadie.  But he was a sex offender.  No amount of saintliness can make up for abusing a child.  This must be stopped.

Mr. Harris wrote about Ben Skinner, who wrote about modern slavery several years ago.  He met Bill Nathan in Haiti, and he is a supporter of Saint Joseph’s.  Like others who have become intimate with St. Joseph’s home for boys, I believe he refuses to entertain the thought that Mike Geilenfeld could be abusing children.  Hearts with Haiti and the Haitian Timoun Foundation refuse to believe that Mike Geilenfeld could be abusing children.  Father John Unni, Priest at St. Cecelia’s in Boston, Ma, resigned from the Hearts With Haiti board because they refused to investigate Mr. Geilenfeld.   St. Joseph’s says these allegations are produced by satan, and amounts to spiritual warfare.  They also claim that all allegations of sexual abuse made by the children are false; that the children are transferring their experience of sexual abuse before they got to the orphanage to a safe person in Mike Geilenfeld.  St. Joseph’s also claims that the children are manipulating well-meaning people so they can leave Haiti and go to the United States.   I believe Geilenfeld’s supporters are well-meaning people, but if these allegations are true, they are blinded by the ‘good works’ that are being done in Haiti.

Please look into this.  See my correspondence with Ben Skinner below.  Additionally, I will send you some more documentation in another email, as the document is too large to fit with this email.

Thank you.


R Bryan Davis
Atlanta, GA




11/10/2011 5:40:57 PM


Dear Mr. Skinner:


I hope you have had a good trip; your associate, Ms. Elsner, tells me you were to be back at Brandeis approximately a week from 11/3.


Please do read my communication.  I would appreciate your response.  I do encourage you not to simply stay silent in response to my inquiry.

I continued to be amazed at people’s refusal to acknowledge the smallest possibility that these sexual abuse allegations could be true.  The common response seems to be:

This is impossible.  There is so much good being done at the St. Joseph Family of orphanages.  How could sexual abuse of children exist at such a place?

We just saw such a case again.  A man in his 60s at Penn State University has just been charged with sexually abusing children for 10 years at least; probably more.  I believe today, this same man is being accused of pimping these children to rich donors.  This man has a successful foundation that helps young people.  Apparently millions of dollars have been raised and that money is helping youth.  That foundation also gave Sandusky access to youth whenever he wanted it.  Sandusky was observed assaulting a pre teen in a shower over 10 years ago.  But they found a way to cover it up.

Madden: Sandusky a State secret

Penn State Scandal: Rumor Claims Sandusky “Pimped Out” Boys to Rich Donors

Please don’t contribute to covering up these sexual abuse allegations.  Don’t turn a blind eye.  Use your journalist eye, not your emotional eye.  Talk to Mr. Lajoie of the Windsor Star in Canada.  Call up Hearts Together For Haiti board members.   No one knows the truth here.  But there is one outstanding truth.  Boys that have been a part of the St. Joseph’s family have been complaining since 1985 about sexual abuse occurring at St. Josephs.  This is not satan.  This is not the devil.  What is satan is ignoring these repeated allegations and not calling for a thorough and documented investigation by US and Hatian authorities.  There is too much at stake.


R Bryan Davis











































11/3/2011 2:48:58 PM

Hi Ms. Elsner, Mr. Skinner,

I imagine Mr. Skinner is very familiar with the allegations.  I understand he is part of the St. Joseph’s family in that he has been visiting quite often.  These allegations have disturbed me deeply, because of the experience I had while in Haiti.  The missions have accomplished great things.  But no matter how great the accomplishment, nothing can justify sexually abusing children.  If this is happening, perpetrated by whomever, it must be stopped.

As I wrote to Mr. Skinner earlier, I want these allegations to be untrue.  However, to be sure they are untrue, an investigation, I believe, is necessary.  The waters are too murky.  For instance, I have been told from more than one source (Canadian journalist, child advocates) that there is no regular orphanage inspection regimen in Haiti.  One person told me that they know of an orphanage that has not been inspected in 20 years.  I found a document on the internet that claimed the child agency in Haiti has enough funding to investigate 6 sexual abuse allegations a year.  That is not a lot of capacity.  I have not seen a government produced document from the IBSER that documents a hearing regarding the events in 1990, centered on the event called the ‘coup’.  This hearing, it is claimed, exonerated Mike.  However, there have been accusations later than 1990 regarding events occurring after 1990.  Even if exonerated by a hearing in 1990, this hearing does not cover allegations about events that occurred after 1990.

This is a messy situation.  Thus, I am advocating for a criminal investigation by joint Haitian / American effort.  I believe the American officials must be involved because an American may possibly be involved.  Plus, it is well documented that Haitians overlook humanitarian efforts that may involve sexual abuse.  As in the case of Perlitz or Duarte, they brought so much good to their communities, each for 10 years or more.  People were fed, obtained medicine, housing, education…… But both were sexually abusing children in Haiti.  I am not sure if Perlitz has been convicted, but I know Duarte has.  So I can say with surety that Duarte was committing this crime; he confessed to it (Windsor Star).

As I write below, perhaps someone, or some other persons in the St. Joseph’s community, other than M Geilenfeld, could be committing these crimes.  Only an investigation will shed light on this.

I had the opportunity to speak with Father Unni.  He told me he is in no way accusatory of MG.  He loves MG.  As I think a lot of people do, obviously.  As well as I can, I love MG.  However, if he has the sickness of committing sexual abuse, this needs to be found out and stopped.  The truth is not known yet.  In order for these great things that have been accomplished to continue into the future without blemish, these repeated allegations of sexual abuse need to be investigated so whoever might be perpetrating sexual abuse at the St. Joseph community can be found out and removed.

I have copied Mr. Skinner on this email.  I pray that God embrace all people involved – the children, adults that may possibly be committing sexual abuse, supporters throughout North America and beyond, people making allegations of sexual abuse against M Geilenfeld, child advocates that tend to berate people that won’t listen to them, advocates that use more even language….everyone.  There can be redemption in all this.  I believe it.

When I ponder these allegations, I think about what is evil?  Duarte was doing so much good, yet he was using his position of power, especially over young people, to sexually abuse children.  No one knows for sure if Mike Geilenfeld has done this, except for Mike and possibly the children that have incurred sexual abuse.  It seems that evil could be when so much good is being done, but behind it is something like sexual abuse.  But I think there is a greater evil.  That greater evil is when the adult community does not listen to the children, whether grown to adulthood, or still in their youth.  When they are ignored, healing for these children is cut off, and the possibility for redemption for the perpetrator is cut off, and the veil gets even darker.

Thank you for replying.

R Bryan Davis

Subject: Benjamin Skinner – St. Joseph’s Home for Boys – Allegations of Sexual Abuse – A Crime So Monstrous

11/1/2011 11:29:22 PM  -5 GMT

E. Benjamin Skinner
Senior Fellow
Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University

Author of:  A Crime So Monstrous: Face to Face With Modern Day Slavery

Hi Mr. Skinner,

I have learned that you are not concerned about the sexual abuse allegations against Mike Geilenfeld.  I took another look at the donor report from Hearts With Haiti and see that you are pictured in the document.

I want these allegations to be untrue.  Can you return this email, and help me towards this end?  The two main reasons the official St. Joseph’s response document asserts seem thin to me (dated June 15, 2011):

We believe the new charges against Michael and the St. Joseph Family are based on two things. First of all, the St. Joseph Family has always had its share of detractors. People, for whatever reasons of their own, who questioned the integrity of the mission and of the people responsible for creating and leading the St. Joseph Family. We don’t know why they cannot see the good being done by the St. Joseph Family or why they seek to destroy the St. Joseph Family, but we accept that they exist and will look for any excuse to start rumors or make trouble where they can. We believe such actions by those detractors are instigated by the devil and creates a spiritual warfare. We pray for our detractors that God will change their hearts, and we pray for our supporters that they are protected from embracing such negativity.

The second reason that the charges of abuse come about is based on the history of the population that the St. Joseph Family serves. The St. Joseph Family is made up primarily of children who spent part of their childhoods on the street and/or children who were child slaves. In those situations they had to lie and manipulate in order to survive. These tactics and habits, ingrained in their very beings, are hard to break, even after years in the supportive environment of the St. Joseph Family, and even as they matured into adulthood. They know simply making charges of abuse will get them attention and help them manipulate otherwise well-meaning people to giving them what they want — whether it be money, power, the ability to live in the United States, or something else…….

The St. Joseph Family also recognizes that when children with a history of abuse find themselves in a safe place, they often are finally able to acknowledge internally and externally their past abuse, however how that takes place is often not in truthful and accurate ways. Children with histories of abuse often accuse people in their lives they feel safe with of abuse, abuse that was actually committed by others, because that is the only way they feel safe acknowledging their past experiences. The unfortunate thing is that because of their circumstances prior to joining the St. Joseph Family, many of the children did, in fact, experience abuse, so their stories are horrific and detailed and sound credible. However, the details of who the true abusers were and the specific circumstances of abuse are not accurate, but changed to suit their accusations.

The first reason: detractors who can’t see the good that is being done, their actions being instigated by the devil.  The devil is a spirit.  We cannot talk with the devil.  It is too easy an explanation.  John Duarte, ‘there was something messianic about the man’.  From what I have read, Duarte probably out did Mike in the good things he created for the people of Cite Soleil and Labadie.  However, he was recently convicted of sexually abusing minors in a court of law in Canada.  He confessed to having sexually abused young people.  He did so much good.  He was priest, doctor, judge, mayor, friend, job creator, established schools, and brought much needed medicine….  He did many amazing things.  Yet he was sick and sexually abused children.  No one can deny he did great things for the Haitian Community he was involved in.  But it is not acceptable to sexually abuse children, no matter what you are doing for the world.

The second reason: the children are lying, manipulating, and transferring their allegations of sexual abuse and blaming a safe person, Mike Geilenfeld.  Haiti is a different culture, of course.  But the research here in the United States indicates that this transference of blame rarely happens.  It happens in cases involving custody battle, yet that is not the case here.  Is there research in Haiti that has found the opposite of studies in the US?

Darkness to Light (, in their publication 7 Steps to Protecting Our Children says:

Please note that child abuse allegations against Geilenfeld are documented as early as 1987 in Boston; 1990 in Haiti and the U.S.; 1995 in Detroit; 1997 in UK and Haiti; 1999 in Haiti; 2006-2007 in Haiti and U.S

Robert Hoatson, President, Road to Recovery, 862-368-2800
Paul Kellen, National Survivor Advocacy Coalition, 781-395-3628
Ruth Moore, Speak Truth to Power, 781-264-6519
Michael Sweatt, National Survivor Advocacy Coalition, 207-831-3791

The above people wrote the US Embassy in Haiti recently asserting documented sexual abuse allegations.

The children keep telling this story.  According to Marc K Louis, children asserted sexual abuse at the hand of Mike Geilenfeld in Boston, and Mike came to him and Emile Millien for help, and Marc asserts they lied on Mike’s behalf, and directed the children to go on the radio the next day and say they were lying.   Can these testimonies be ignored?

Hearts With Haiti discounts all sexual abuse allegations: “Hearts with Haiti knows of no credible allegations that have been brought forward against Michael Geilenfeld.”

I can accept this assertion.  Perhaps Hearts with Haiti is correct.   Suppose the children are transferring their allegations of sexual abuse to Mike Geilenfeld, their safe person.  Then the question must be asked:  is someone else perpetrating sexual abuse of young children in the St. Joseph family.  We as adults owe these children an investigation of their complaints.  Maybe someone else in the community is doing this.  If so, this will only be found out if an investigation is launched.

I believe you are close to Bill Nathan.  I saw a picture of you and him in hospital, I imagine in the States.  Did you help make his visit to hospital in the US possible?  Wow, what a story that is.

Your being so close to the St. Joseph’s community, these allegations have to be even tougher for you to take into your ear.  To act on these allegations would probably be the toughest thing you might have ever done.   I do urge you to take a chance though.  Perhaps a joint Haitian / American criminal investigation will bring out someone in the community other than Geilenfeld that is perpetrating sexual abuse.  No one will know until steps are taken.  I think that the only way knowledge will be obtained is if someone close to the community urges an investigation.  Whoever might be perpetrating sexual abuse must be prohibited from intimidating those that are alleging this offense.  I would fear being thrown back on the street if I were one of these children.  I imagine it is an easy task to intimidate any orphan, no matter what country, into not telling about sexual abuse; they could quickly be thrown back out onto the street.  Although, there seem to be plenty of adults that have graduated from St. Josephs.  Apparently there are more than a few that live in the United States, perhaps in other countries.  All of these people could be questioned.  Foreigners like me cannot do it.  I have only been there twice.  Yet if someone in the family is strong enough to take the chance, knowledge might be obtained.  And the children will be protected.

Don Lajoie, a journalist in Windsor, Ontario and I spoke several days ago.  He said this problem has been going on for years in Haiti, long before the earthquake in 2010.  Duarte and Perlitz apparently were committing this crime as far back as the early 90s and late 80s.  If this is going on at St. Josephs, it is time to stop it.

I think of your NPR interview on March 11, 2008, regarding your book – “A Crime So Monstrous: Face-to-Face with Modern-Day Slavery”.  You spoke of a negotiation you conducted in Haiti where you would have been able to buy a human being for $50.  You ended the interview with these words:

It’s one thing when you’re planning an effort like this, a project like this to say this is a work of journalism – I’m not going to interfere with my subjects.  It’s another thing when you actually see in an underground brothel in Bucharest, a young woman who has the visible affect of down syndrome, who you know is being raped several times a day, and when this girl is offered to me in trade for a used car and when I walk away from that. That’s not an easy thing to do.  And to be honest it stays with me.

It seems the children at St. Joseph’s continue to allege sexual abuse at the hands of Mike Geilenfeld, or another, or others.  If St. Joseph’s response letter is correct, perhaps they are all transferring their experience to their safe person, Mike Geilenfeld, but what if they are transferring the experience from someone else that is in the St. Joseph’s community.  Can we walk away from that?  Can we walk away from allegations of Sexual Abuse – “A Crime So Monstrous – That’s not an easy thing to do?”  If every adult ignores these warning signs, walks away from them, and sexual abuse is occurring within the St. Joseph’s orphanages, some child may be being raped several times a day, just like the young girl in the underground brothel in Bucharest cited in your NPR interview.  And again you might find yourself saying “And to be honest, it stays with me.”

Robert Bryan Davis
Atlanta, GA  USA


10/31/2011 2:27:17 PM +4 GMT

E. Benjamin Skinner
Senior Fellow
Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism at Brandeis University

Mr. Skinner:

I just listened to NPR coverage of your book “A Crime So Monstrous”.  I found an excerpt in your book where you told the story of Bill Nathan and how he survived a terrible fall during the 2010 Haiti earthquake.  You were very complimentary of St. Josephs in the small excerpt I read.

I have recently returned from Haiti and a visit to St. Josephs Home for Boys, Wings of Hope, and Trinity House.  I traveled with a group that visited for a week in October of 2010 as well.  When we returned this year, I found disturbing allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Geilenfeld.  Your book has come up in my searches as well.  I did not, nor did any of my traveling companions,  see any indication that sexual abuse was occurring at these orphanages.  It was a shock to see this posting on the internet (

I have called and emailed many people on both sides of this – Hearts with Haiti and Haitian Timoun Foundation refuse to believe these allegations while child advocates choose to take the allegations very seriously.  The St. Joseph’s Family has categorically denied the allegations.   Hearts With Haiti Foundation (located in North Carolina, USA) raised $500,000 in 2007, $250,000 in 2008, $400,000 in 2009, and $2 million in 2010 (see this report ).   St. Joseph’s has a $6 million capital campaign underway to rebuild two orphanages (St. Joseph’s Home for Boys and Wings of Hope).  Does it cost this much in Haiti to re-build two orphanages and to operate three?

After numerous conversations, whether by phone or email, I have been converted from a staunch advocate of Mike Geilenfeld into a person that is very concerned.  I believe Mike Geilenfeld and the St. Joseph’s orphanages need to be thoroughly investigated.

Are you familiar with these allegations?  Have you investigated them from a journalist’s perspective?  I just got off the phone with journalist, Don Lajoie of the Windsor (Canada) Star (519-255-6877).  Mr. Lojoie wrote extensively about John Duarte.  Lajoie began his work 4 years ago.  Fr. Duarte was just convicted of child molestation in Haiti.  ‘There was something messianic in the man…’ according to Lajoie.  Apparently he improved the lives of countless people in Haiti in the village of Labadie; however, for over 10 years, he sexually abused children.  Duarte created “’exposure tours’.   He would bring dozens of volunteers at a time to experience Haiti, in all its panoramic beauty and despair.  The experience would change their lives.  Many became disciples, spreading the word, showing their photos, encouraging others to get involved.”  Fallen Angels: Beloved Missionary build aid dynasty Don Lajoie | The Windsor Star, December 16, 2009.   These ‘exposure tours’ sound very similar to what goes on at St. Joseph’s.  Church groups from all over the US and Canada visit St. Joseph’s and they return home changed.  And you leave sensing that this whole experience is a pure miracle.  And it is.  Geilenfeld has done so much for people in Haiti, starting schools, bakeries, coffee business, three orphanages, gosh knows what else.  From my reading, John Duarte ‘out-did’ Mike Geilenfeld in accomplishing similar projects.  However, in Duarte’s case, he was also sexually abusing children the entire time.  Might Geilenfeld be doing the same?

Mr. Lajoie told me I am not the first person to contact him about Geilenfeld.  He said that when he started writing about John Duarte 4 years ago, Geilenfeld’s name came up at the beginning.  He was surprised Geilenfeld was still in Haiti because a lot of people are aware of the sexual abuse allegations.

In December of 1990, John Duarte signed a letter defending Mike Geilenfeld of sexual abuse allegations.  I believe the two men know each other as far back as Duarte’s seminary days in Canada.  Cyrus Sibert, a Journalists in Haiti has written about Mike Geilenfeld.  Apparently, Sibert covered the Doug Perlitz case, another missionary convicted of committing sexual abuse in Haiti.  As news of Perlitz spread, Sibert started to receive complaints from people that alleged they had been sexually abused by Michael Geilenfeld.  Mr. Sibert claims “The number of victims is in the hundreds.  In 28 years, there are many who claim to have experienced the onslaught of Geilenfeld.  On a trip survey in Port-au-Prince, Citadel Network met about a dozen adults, older children of St. Joseph Home for Boys.  The stories are the same: Geilenfeld stroked the neck, face, abdomen, buttocks, he was pressed against his erect penis, and finally the less violent or the most naive, were sodomized.  Sometimes he uses Haitian bisexual pedophiles and especially members of his staff, for the first attacks on children recently arrived.”  (Translated by

These allegations have disturbed me greatly.  I would welcome your thoughts on these matters.  I have a lot of documentation in PDF format if you are interested in reading the material.  It will save you the time of searching for the material on the internet.  I hope I hear from you.



Robert Bryan Davis
Atlanta, GA

Translated from French by

By Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti.
Remembrance Radio FM, 106.1: souvenirfm @ yahoo. en

The Ré.Cit. Network (Citadel):

There are in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel three (3) homes for children who are three (3) homes for sexual exploitation. According to several young people who attended these schools, three (3) “St. Joseph Homes for Children” together large numbers of street children from the Visitor Centre Carrefour, the slums of the capital and cities the province. They are led by Michael Geilenfeld, a religious shady past who is accused of sexual abuse of children in need in Haiti.

His tactic is known. It accustoms children to physical touching ranging from simple caresses members, parts of the trunk, buttocks, anal sodomy. His vicious dog called Micky was his favored weapon to intimidate his victims.Several former St. Joseph’s Home For Boys report being bitten by the dog on the order of Geilenfeld.

Practices of sexual abuse and exploitation that led to several protests in 1983, 1991, and 2005. Young dancers shelters St. Joseph, traveling to the United States, made statements in the American press denouncing sexual abuse by Michael Geilenfeld. The victims were to file a formal complaint at the American Consulate in Port-au-Prince, against their tormentors. They indexed Geilenfeld Michael. Ms. Dejean of Iberia was informed on 4 occasions, according to his testimony.

Geilenfeld was brought before the Haitian justice, his accusers criticize its influence on judges, great lawyers of Port-au-Prince, police, and the height on the officers of the U.S. Embassy in Port-au -Prince.

However, American missionaries who worked in various Welcome Centers St. Joseph of Haiti reported incriminating facts along the lines of the testimony of the victims. Kolhaas Mary Finch and Mitchell are two Americans who had the courage to put their evidence on paper by a notary American in January 1991. (Read all the documents at:

The number of victims is in the hundreds. In 28 years, there are many who claim to have experienced the onslaught of Geilenfeld. On a trip survey in Port-au-Prince, Citadel Network met about a dozen adults, older children of St. Joseph Home for Boys. The stories are the same: their Geilenfeld stroked the neck, face, abdomen, buttocks, he was pressed against his erect penis, and finally the less violent or the most naive, were sodomized. Sometimes he uses Haitian bisexual pedophiles and especially members of his staff, for the first attacks on children recently arrived.

Geilenfeld victims are spread all over the world: USA, Europe, South America and Haiti. After several attempts to stop this powerful man, they lose confidence in the fight and see them untouchable executioner a man above the law, through the power of money. Young people encountered on the file have not ceased to repeat the famous saying of Madame Dejean “lajan fe dog.”

Several died in disturbing conditions, while others have attempted suicide, the vast majority took refuge in the silence of impotence.

However, with the announcement of the conviction of Douglas Perlitz in Connecticut December 21, 2010, these young people marked by abuse in the St. Joseph House regain confidence. They contacted us to help revive the campaign for justice.

With this in mind we asked the most determined and launched with the help of American friends, a journalistic investigation and advocacy in order to force authorities and members of the Board of Directors’ Hearts with Haiti, “the American NGO that supports the activities of Michael Geilenfeld, to shed light on the repeated accusations of sexual exploitation of children.

Is it necessary to point out that many pedophiles from justice for abuses of Haitian children have had a good time with Michael Geilenfeld. This is the case for Michael Brewer, Thony, Phillip Morris-homosexual married to a young Haitian boy in England and John Duarte, a Catholic priest convicted of pedophilia in Canada in Haiti.

How such a man can have permission to continue administrative and moral leadership, in peace, three homes for children? Which network is behind Michael Geilenfeld?

CITADEL NETWORK (Ré.Cit.), May 10, 2011, 3:49 p.m..
“Never doubt that a small number of volunteers and thoughtful citizens can change the world. In fact, it’s always so”
Margaret Mead (1901-1978)


This is an article I wrote just after returning from Haiti in October of 2011

Filthy Faith .. or .. What Did Jesus Smell Like?

Haiti, well, it brings up many images in our American minds. Images of suffering. Images of filth. Images of death. Images of smells. While visiting Haiti with some good friends from my church, these forms that our minds create to envision Haiti seem to morph and change. Filth changes to faith. Smells change to the divine. The simple becomes the miraculous.

Greg, Brad, Tim, Shannon, Tony, Bryan.

We travelers were fortunate to represent our church in our church’s journey to Haiti again this year. Did you ask any questions of our church’s Haiti group last year? What did you hear? I think you heard stories of transformation. Stories of surprise. Funny stories about bookshelves and concrete bricks and children that hollered ‘hallelujah’ at the site of simple joy. Stories of spirit that seem to be so hard to find in this great land of ours. Well, I think if you spend some time in conversation with this year’s travelers, you will find that the foundation of last year has grown, and the joy continues to do the same.

Haiti is a tough place. You know that. The earthquake. Cholera outbreaks. What more can a people endure. But we have seen with our eyes – the people of Haiti endure. They do more than endure. They seem to be alive .. I mean really .. alive! And if you get into relationship with these friends, the experience will bless you. It is a hard blessing. But gosh, it is a blessing that I have never experienced the likes of here in America.

Our journey began in Port au Prince, October 1. We landed. The airport seemed to be much less chaotic than last year. Five of us had been the previous year, and our new traveling companion, Greg, rounded off a superb group of travelers, missionaries, learners, listeners, and, well, be-ers. Forgive me, but I am an intuitive homo sapien. I believe our greatest accomplishment was that, we were with the people we met, we were present with the people we met, and we continued our relationship with some wonderful friends. We are learning to BE with our neighbors.

As we drove up the hills of Port au Prince towards St. Joseph’s, we noticed a subtle, but big difference. Most of the rubble had disappeared. It hit us right away. But a lot of things were the same. And these things were repeated blessings. When St. Joseph’s opened their door to us, we were greeted with the customary cold glass of water. Let me tell you, in Hot Humid Haiti, this is a wonderful gift. Then the hugs from our hosts. Some laughter. And wow!!!!! Look at all the steel reinforcement bar. Ah, careful, step on that old 2 by 10 board and you’ll be able to get to the patio. Our feet were ahead of our manners, and we all immediately fled to the back of the house where we saw a six story building, where nothing but rubble was in residence a year before. We climbed the wooden scaffolding and ladders to the roof where the outdoor chapel will be. The heat was tropical, but our spines were chilled! What a site! What a solid foundation to stand on when we had stood on dirt and rubble just a short time ago. Smiles of the residents. Laughter. Trying to communicate. Shoulder shrugs. Smiles of residents and visitors. We were back.

We loaded 50 boxes of supplies into our van, and we were off like a flash further up into the hills to Fermathe and Wings of Hope. Familiar sights. People everywhere, selling art, selling food, chatting, walking, talking. The rains had muddied the road so we had to walk the last stretch where the rut in the road was superior to the van’s axle. I don’t remember which of the children saw us first; I think it was Steve. Steve is the hallelujah kid; apparently the group that moved in just after we left referred to Steve as ‘Jesus on crack’. Haiti is a place of extremes. I’m not sure I like the metaphor, but I tell you, Steve is explosive. And he is infectious. He spreads more of the Spirit of God in one “hallelujah” than Baron does in a 20 minute sermon! The children at Wings of Hope – well their bodies and minds host a variety of conditions we label ‘disabled’; but as far as the spirit is concerned, these folks are our teachers. They live in the moment. And if you jump right in you are immersed in a joyful, sometimes uncomfortable, ride. And you get the feeling that you are doing something really special, just by being with these new friends of ours. None of us speak Creole or French, and few of the residents of Wings speak English. But somehow, we communicate, and the conductor, I am convinced, is the spirit of God.

We spent four nights at Wings of Hope. Sunday, we traveled back to St. Joseph’s for their Sunday service. I imagine we felt like my grandparents must have felt at church in the 1920s in the deep south. It’s hot. Sweaty Hot! The children lead the service. The Americans are included. Our words are translated. It’s fun to take the Creole hymnal, listen to the residents sing a bit, then chime in trying to wrap your tongue around these different Creole sounds. It’s worth the trip to simply attend this Sunday service.

Back up the mountain to Wings we went, after lunch at a fancy restaurant. Yes, your church comrades do treat themselves to the familiar once in a while when in Haiti. And yes, we do drink beer and wine. Don’t tell my Baptist ancestors.

My mind is full of images from Wings of Hope, each MPCer dancing, holding hands, singing, drumming, sitting, smiling, washing clothes, feeding, worshiping, being with our friends. Peterson – he wears a lacrosse helmet all waking hours; Josephine – a brilliant 10 year old who can converse in English, picking up the language from all the visitors; Raoul – the oldest, the quietest, the sassiest, and I believe, the wisest; Steve – he will rock your world with the drum and force you to feel joy with his hallelujahs and amens; Sadraque – he has a smile that would win Helen of Troy; Frank Ely – not too far behind Steve in energy, eager to be with us every possible moment…… I am having too much fun writing this piece. Forgive my plethora of words.

Wednesday we traveled a winding road to Jacmel and Trinity House. We slept on the roof. Ocean view. Cool night ocean breeze. ¾ moon. Eat your hearts out! We felt a bit out of place in Jacmel. We felt we were in the way. The facilities weren’t outfitted for visitors. Yet we requested a stay in Jacmel earlier this summer, and our hosts accommodated us. I think they knew we would feel in the way. Yet our hosts honored our desire to see Trinity house. We need to return. We need create the connection here.

Finally, we ride back across the mountains to Port au Prince and St. Joseph’s for our last night. We rode thru an area close to the epicenter of the earthquake. My heart sinks as I see it in my mind’s eye. Dirty rivers of water everywhere. Children playing in it. If hell were on earth, it must have been next door to this place just after the quake. But you can’t dwell in that story. You have to dwell in the spirit of life. Look, this place looks awful…but look at all the people, attending their sidewalk stores, moving blocks of ice, pulling huge wooden carts, waiting for tap taps (taxis), going places. In the midst of this awful looking place…these people are alive .. really alive!

It’s Friday and it’s time to go home. We are tired. We smell, aw gosh we all smell. Use a baby wipe. Look at all that grime coming off me! Sit down in the airport. Relax. Have a beer. Dang, I forgot to have us sing Shirley Adair’s song she had given to me before our departure. I brought it out of my carry-on and told the guys we have to at least sing part of it. Shirley will ask me if we did! Well, a group from Virginia was next to us. We had been talking with them. So both our tables sang three verses of Here I am Lord, together, in the Port au Prince airport lounge, over Presidente beer. I have it on video if you want to see it!

The children of St. Joseph’s Home for boys; the children of Wings of Hope; the children of Trinity House. The children and the staff were our gracious hosts. These children deliver a message of God and Christ, transforming filth into faith, and unfamiliar smells into the divine. One night, I asked “What did Jesus smell like?” at the dinner table. My traveling companions thought my question was quite odd. But then, we settled into the question, sort of quietly. We didn’t come up with an answer. Well, we all threw some thoughts onto the dinner table. Of course, the question can’t be answered.

Yet when we were in Haiti, I feel confident that we all knew what Jesus smelled like, without having to speak a word to define. We smelled the spirit of joy and love, the spirit of hope and faith. We smelled it alright. Each in his own way. We were baptized in it. Our friends in Haiti hosted this baptismal. And we are truly blessed to have been a part of it.

Think about it. Think about joining us on our next trip. It’s tough love. Tough love.  But most importantly, pray for our brothers and sisters at St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, Wings of Hope, and Trinity House.  Ask God to guide them, to encourage them, to love them, to care for them.  And thank God for the children, our teachers and our friends.

Robert Bryan Davis



February 4, 2014

Port au Prince, Haiti – IBESR officials (Haiti National Child Welfare Agency) have announced that six months ago, IBESR rejected the license renewal for Michael Geilenfeld to operate an orphanage at the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys in Port au Prince.

IBESR officials stated that, six months ago, they did not renew the orphanage’s license to operate because of the multitude of child sexual abuse allegations that have been reported against Director Geilenfeld .

On Monday, February 3rd, a surprise raid was conducted at the St. Joseph Home by IBESR investigators and the Haitian National Police’s Child Protection Unit. A large UNICEF bus arrived to transport the minor children to other pre-selected orphanages.

Today, Geilenfeld’s assistant, Bill Nathan, and American attorney,  Robert Oberkoeter, were summoned to IBESR headquarters to explain why the children at the orphanage were prepped to say they did not want to leave.

A plan was developed by IBESR officials for IBESR to take custody of the children at the St. Joseph Home for Boys.


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