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December 26, 2015

Jeanette Fuccella
Executive Director
Hearts with Haiti
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear Ms. Fuccella,

In an attempt to derail and disrupt due process in the Haiti Appeals Court trial of multi accused child molester, Michael Geilenfeld, lawyers defending Geilenfeld filed charges against the victims who are reporting their abuse to Haiti Prosecutors, charging the victims with slander and defamation.

Child protection advocates want you, the Executive Director of North Carolina based 501(c)(3), Hearts with Haiti, to offer testimony that you have no knowledge of the past and/or present use of bribery and corruption to influence law enforcement officials, witnesses and justice officials for the purpose of exonerating Michael Geilenfeld from crimes that Geilenfeld is accused of committing against children in Haiti.

In addition, Ms. Fuccella, it is important for you to report to your donors that, according to recent news reports, seven new individuals have reported to Haiti authorities that they were sexually abused by Michael Geilenfeld when they were children living in Geilenfeld’s care in his orphanage in Haiti.

It is incumbent upon you to notify your donors of the steps you are taking to investigate these new child sexual abuse charges against Geilenfeld.

It has also been reported by the AssocIated Press that the doors to the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys are sealed shut and the facility has been permanently closed by Haiti authorities.

Would you please confirm or deny that the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys is closed?

Would you please confirm or deny that a warrant has been issued by Haiti authorities for the arrest of Michael Geilenfeld?

Do your donors know that the Wings of Hope facility is not licensed by Haiti authorities (IBESR)?

Finally, are your donors aware that their hard earned, taxpayer subsidized, donations are being used to improve and subsidize property in Haiti that is 100% owned in the name of Michael Geilenfeld? Donors will certainly be surprised by this revelation causing many, I am certain, to feel deceived and manipulated.

Lots of questions, for sure.

The operations for children in Haiti that you and your non-profit claim to support, Ms. Fuccella, are a train wreck.

You must know by now that there are more people in the world who care deeply about the protection of children from child sexual abuse than there are you, your board of directors, and your naive followers who would defend and support Michael Geilenfeld, no matter the amount of evidence against him.

As I said earlier, it is my understanding that, at present, there seven new individuals who have reported to Haiti authorities that they were sexually abused by Geilenfeld when they were children.

What are you doing about it?

I look forward to your timely response to all of my questions.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, ME



“The Registry of the Appellate Court of Port au Prince hereby certifies and attests that the case between the Public Prosecutor and Messr. Michael Geilenfeld…has been heard by the Court while investigating the case and the said Court has ordered by Decree the personal appearance of the witnesses on Monday, January 11, 2016.”


In an attempt to derail and disrupt due process in the Haiti Appeals Court trial of multi accused child molester, Michael Geilenfeld, lawyers defending Geilenfeld in Haiti filed charges against the victims who are reporting their abuse to Haiti Prosecutors, charging the victims with slander and defamation.

Child protection advocates want Maine Attorney Peter DeTroy to offer testimony that he has no knowledge of the past and/or present use of bribery and corruption to influence law enforcement officials, witnesses and justice officials for the purpose of exonerating his client, Michael Geilenfeld, from crimes that Geilenfeld is accused of committing against children in Haiti.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Haiti: Linking the orphanage St. Joseph and NAMBLA, a pro-pedophilia organization.

 (translated French to English by Google Translate)

Saint Joseph’s orphanage in Delmas 91 (Haiti), is it a branch of the organization NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association), known for its argument for sexual relations between adults and children?

In his will, Tom Reeves, one of the founders of American NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love an organization that campaigns for the reform of laws prohibiting sexual relationships between adults and children, ordered that his personal property go at St. Joseph Orphanage Delmas 91.
Should we mention that our investigations clearly demonstrate the passage of several pedophiles American, Canadian and English at Delmas 91. John Duarte, convicted for pedophilia in Canada in Haiti was one of the officials who ran the orphanage for street children, Haiti.

Alumni of these orphanages continue to accuse Michael Geilenfeld of abusing them when they were in his custody.

Cyrus Sibert, RéseauCitadelle

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

IGNATIUS GROUP___ Tom Reeves is one of the founding members of NAMBLA and a has-been National Spokesman for NAMBLA. Tom Reeves est aussi one of the original Signatories on the Sex Offender Laws Reform Campaign petition. Reeves died on February 19, 2012. In lieu of flowers, donations That Mr. Reeves requested be sent to the St. Joseph’s orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti ( ( Michael Geilenfeld, a US citizen, is the founder and Executive Director of the St. Joseph’s orphanages in Haiti. Hearts with Haiti is in North Carolina non-profit based That Provides funding to the St. Joseph’s orphanage. ________________________________ Hearts With Haiti Inc., based in Raleigh, NC, and Michael Geilenfeld, executive director of St. Joseph Family of Haiti, filed a lawsuit on February 6, 2013 contre Paul Kendrick of Freeport, Maine in US District Court in Portland, Maine. The Plaintiffs allege Kendrick That’s false allegations Geilenfeld That HAS sexually abused children defamed HAS Caused the organization and fundraising events in the US to be February 13, 2014, seven minor children Who HAD beens living at the St. Joseph’s orphanage Were Placed into the protective custody of IBESR, the Haiti National Social Welfare Agency. Pro-pedophile activist Tom Reeves is best Known for the role That he Played in founding NAMBLA. In the late 1970s, prior to the formation of NAMBLA, Tom Reeves Was already referring to himself as a “boylover” Publicly Defending adults and making sexual contacts with teens. On December 2, 1978 Organized Reeves a meeting on the topic of “man-boy love”; It was at this meeting qui NAMBLA Was Formed. Inside of NAMBLA, Reeves Played a role Prolific acting as a Spokesman for the organization. In the late 90’s, Reeves Formed a new group of pedophile activists and Their Allies called “Reform Sex Offender Laws.” It Is Known As The New NAMBLA Because It Has the Saami goals, agendas and Sami Many of the members have the original NAMBLA. Http://

Cyrus Sibert invites Haitian lawyers Michael Geilenfeld to reenter … stop your lies and intimidation!
For over 5 years, Cyrus Sibert has only demand the application of the universal protocol relating to allegations and accusations of sexual abuse in an orphanage.
Ti Chen Ti Aysyen pa!
A – Michael Geilenfeld recognizes that there has been accused of sexual abuse by children from his orphanage several times: 1987, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006 and 2007;
B- Young people who say they are victims of Mr. Cyrus Sibert Geilenfeld contacted in January 2011, four years after the last protest movement inside the orphanage. They have explained their situation and their willingness to end this calamity. While Mr Geilenfeld their having always said that they will never have access to justice in their country, we decided to provide them the necessary support to cover the costs of proceedings (Cyrus Sibert funded sometimes by Mr. Emmanuel Jeanty ) added to the volunteer services of Mr. Jeanty and his lawyer friends of Port-au-Prince pourqu’ils can make their voices heard before the Haitian justice.
C- From 2011 to today we have that requiring the application of the universal protocol when there are accusations of sexual abuse in an orphanage;
Ti Ti pa Aysyen Chyen!
Knowing that
1- pedophiles do not change, and it is the duty of every society to place them in reformatories, monitored and / or under social service supervision;
2 in a situation of sexual exploitation of minors, there are more victims than those who have the courage to reveal their injury;
3- noting that the universal protocol relating to allegations of abuse of minors has not been respected in the case of St. Joseph Orphanage;
we supported victims in the hope that the authorities and society would react in favor of child protection by adopting the measures required in this case:
a- set provisional gap of the accused,
b- open administrative investigations, private and judicial
c- care of victims,
d- adoption of a child protection policy: the establishment of a protocol governing relations, relations and distances between the children and the orphanage staff.
And in the specific case of St. Joseph Orphanage, the Haitian State in the exercise of its sovereignty, should respond to evidence of links between NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association) and this house Home operating on the national territory.
D- Cyrus Sibert, did not create any allegations or charges against Mr. Geilenfeld. It only respond to the discriminatory treatment which requires that we treat poor children of Haiti différemement of American children.
How sad to hear defense lawyers describe our civic contribution, as qu’haitiens descendants of slaves who refuse sexual slavery in the land of our ancestors, of wrongdoing. Does Haiti has lost the sense of mutual help? Where is the ideal pursued by Saint Yves, the patron of lawyers? What about the cleanliness of the oath by lawyers defending the widow and the orphan?
It is inconceivable that one of the Haitian Lawyers for Mr Geilenfeld in his testimony via Skype, with a white jury in Portland Maine, says Pedophile (child molestation) = homosexual in Haiti (Lifestyle) “… the judge Concluded That There Were sexual molestation Because of the fact That Michael Geilenfeld admis That He Was homosexual “(see the testimony of Alain Lemithe, page 41). It is a betrayal a Haitian lawyer, in his mercenary, states that our judges are unable to differentiate ente “Homosexuality” and “pedophilia”.
Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti

* See links between St. Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA organization:

Translated with Google Translate

To: William Casey, Director, VOTF Healing Circle

You know, Mr. Casey, the more I think about, the more curious I am as to why you are not literally running towards the more than 70 terribly wounded child sexual abuse victims in Haiti who are in great need of immediate care and treatment.

During one of my visits to Cap Haitien, Haiti, a boy who was sexually abused by Douglas Perlitz sat down at our table at the hotel.

The boy had come from the doctor and was in need of US $60 for x-rays.

You see, the boy had been waking up with night sweats and bleeding from his eyes.

My Haitian friend, Cyrus Sibert, told me the boy was diagnosed with syphilis.

Your hosts at Boston College, the Jesuits, and their Jesuit companions at Fairfield University and Jesuit Province Headquarters refuse to provide funding for medical and mental health intervention for the children in Haiti who were sexually abused due to the negligence of Jesuit officials.

In fact, Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J., the Jesuit priest who headed the school in Haiti from his perch as campus ministry director at Fairfield University, has also been accused of child sexual abuse in Haiti.

Yet, there you will be on December 3rd, center stage, thanking your hosts, the Jesuits of Boston College, for inviting you to speak about the care, well being and healing of victims/survivors of child sexual abuse.

The sad and shameful irony of your actions, Mr. Casey, is too much to bear.

Please, call me now. Together we can begin to help these poor and vulnerable victims.


Paul Kendrick
Cheverus High School ’68
Fairfield University ’72

JARED BALL, PRODUCER: I’m Jared Ball here in Baltimore.  With Pope Francis now visiting the United States, groups working domestically and in the region on issues related to the Catholic church are seeking greater attention for their causes. Among them are of course those still wanting to ensure that the church be held accountable for its support in defense of members who have both in the past and still today sexually abused children. While the pope has publicly condemned these acts and reconfirmed his support for the church’s zero tolerance policy, there are those who want to remind him and others that the atrocities are far from over.

Click this Link or click the picture below for full article.


Article translated French to English using Google Translate.  Original text can be found at

mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Haiti – Homosexuality and Pedophilia: Michael Geilenfeld boasts of being gay and accuses Hatians of being Homophobic

“But any power on earth Dies when the abuse is too great …” Alfred de Musset

Michael Geilenfeld en compagnie des enfants de Saint-Joseph, le 29 avril 2015
Michael Geilenfeld with the children of St. Joseph, 29 April 2015

The Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage made accusations of sexual abuse of minors against him a powerful weapon to advance the cause of homosexuals in Haiti.

The multiple charges of sexual assault on minors whose Mr. Geilenfeld been subject since 1985, have recently been turned into struggle for the right of a gay American in Haiti.

After three (3) weeks of confusion and manipulation of an all-white jury, Mr. Geilenfeld presented Haiti as a strange country with homophobia, and where judges decide on the basis of sex discrimination. He boasted his homosexuality and is now back in Haiti in an effort to force the Haitian government to accept him as head of orphanage for destitute boys. His Haitian lawyers Mr. Alain and Mr. Lemithe Fritzo Canton, have all engineered April 29, 2015 to release the man imprisoned at the National Penitentiary by order of the investigating judge by organizing a mock trial in the absence of victims.

While acknowledging that he was accused of sexual abuse by 17 minors, in different occasions, such as in 1987, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2011, the former Catholic brother, director of the orphanage Saint Joseph Delmas 91, seeks to take advantage of changes in gay rights in the world and combines the charges he is subject to his sexual orientation. Shockingly, deliberate lies of Mr. Geilenfeld vis-à-vis victims and Haiti were relayed by Haitian lawyers, Mr. Alain and Mr. Lemithe Fritzo Canton. Minted, these lawyers have had the courage to share their expertise by Skype against small Haitian poor themselves as victims of sexual abuse by the Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage 91 as minors in its custody. Mr. Lemithe Mr Canton and agreed to present their country, Haiti, in an unhealthy table.


Me Alain Lemithe
Me Alain Lemithe

Mr. Geilenfeld and NGOs “Hearts With Haiti” came out strengthened at the expense of seven young people who say they are sexually abused while residing at the orphanage Saint Joseph Delmas 91. The record is definitely focused on the rights gay running an orphanage for boys in Haiti. Today, groups of pedophiles and especially the influential homosexual pedophile NAMBLA organization recognized as sponsor of the St. Joseph Orphanage working to create a precedent in Haiti by wearing the Court of Appeal of Port-au-Prince to maintain the secret judgment passed in the absence of victims April 29, 2015.

A bad precedent that could be very beneficial for child predators. Suppose if all homosexuals are not pedophiles, ie, pedophiles who abuse little boys are necessarily gay. In the future any pedophile (homo) may use this before in Haiti to discredit the victims and the Haitian authorities, as has just done Mr. Geilenfeld in Portland, Maine.

The strategy of Mr. Geilenfeld and the NGO “Heart With Haiti” has always been the use of corruption in public administration and justice to obtain the paperwork and decisions necessary to prove that the US they have no problem in Haiti and push American authorities to decide in their favor. Also, they will use the decision reached in the United States to strengthen their position in Haiti. Me Fritzo Canton and Alain Lemithe will they continue to ensure the dirty business of bribing judges and administrators serving Haitian consortium accused on several occasions of abuse on children in need in Haiti?
Page d’accueil de l’ONG

With the support of the NGO “Hearts With Haiti” based in North Carolina, Mr. Geilenfeld, multiple accused of sexual abuse of male children being deprived his orphanage is back in Haiti. It says homosexual, accusing Haitian homophobia, claimed the right to continue to be responsible for a small home for needy boys and continues to have access to children in violation of the decisions of the IBESR. Many young victims of saying Geilenfeld continue to demand justice; the Haitian government calls the “criminal court for sexual assault, rape, indecent assault and human trafficking in accordance with Articles 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283 and Article 3 of the decree of the assembly Nationale dated 12 January 2004 ratifying the additional protocol to the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime “.

The case is before the Court of Appeal of Port-au-Prince. Haitian justice must take responsibility and decide on this issue.

Me Fritzo
Me Fritzo Canton

The acrobatics of corrupt lawyers and comparable corrupting the merchants of slaves from Africa who sold their congeners have limitations. Their shameless lies and deceptive maneuvers gave the Geilenfeld / HeartWithHaiti file an international dimension. The Haitian government and its people have been accused of homophobia. Haitian justice has the duty to restore the boundaries between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Need I remind you that Haiti is on the list of homophobes 79 countries worldwide where homosexuality is illegal. Being gay is not a crime in Haiti. However, it would be illegal for a homosexual pedophile accused of running a home for poor boys.

Article translated French to English using Google Translate.  Original text can be found at

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
28 juillet 2015 (100 ans de l’occupation américaine)

View original article at

mercredi 29 juillet 2015Haiti – Homosexualité ou Pédophilie : Michael Geilenfeld se vante d’être gay et accuse les haïtiens d’homophobie.-

“Mais toute puissance sur terre Meurt quand l’abus en est trop grand…” Alfred de Musset

Michael Geilenfeld en compagnie des enfants de Saint-Joseph, le 29 avril 2015
Michael Geilenfeld en compagnie des enfants de Saint-Joseph, le 29 avril 2015

Le Directeur de l’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph fait des accusations d’abus sexuels sur mineurs portées contre lui une arme puissante pour faire avancer la cause des homosexuels en Haïti.

Les accusations multiples d’agressions sexuelles sur mineurs dont fait l’objet Mr. Geilenfeld depuis 1985, ont été récemment transformées en lutte pour le droit d’un homosexuel américain en Haïti. 

Après trois (3) semaines de confusion et manipulation d’un jury composé entièrement de blancs, Mr. Geilenfeld présentait Haïti comme un pays insolite caractérisé par l’homophobie, et où les juges décident sous la base de la discrimination sexuelle. Il fanfaronnait son homosexualité, et est à présent de retour en Haïti dans le but de forcer l’Etat haïtien à l’accepter comme responsable d’orphelinat pour garçons démunies. Ses avocats haïtiens Mr. Alain Lemithe et Mr. Fritzo Canton, ont tout manigancé le 29 avril 2015 pour libérer l’homme emprisonné sur ordre du juge d’instruction au pénitencier national en organisant un simulacre de procès en l’absence des victimes. 

Tout en reconnaissant qu’il a été accusé d’exploitation sexuelle par 17 mineurs, en différentes occasions, tel qu’en 1987, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006, 2007 et 2011, l’ancien frère catholique, directeur de l’orphelinat Saint Joseph de Delmas 91, cherche à profiter de l’évolution des droits des homosexuels dans le monde et associe les accusations dont il fait l’objet à son orientation sexuelle. Piteusement, les mensonges délibérés de Mr. Geilenfeld vis-à-vis des victimes et d’Haïti ont été relayés par les avocats haïtiens, Mr. Alain Lemithe et Mr. Fritzo Canton. Monnayés, ces avocats ont eu le courage de fournir leur expertise par Skype contre les petits pauvres haïtiens qui se sont présentés comme victimes des abus sexuels du Directeur de l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de 91 alors qu’ils étaient mineurs placés sous sa garde. Mr. Lemithe et Mr Canton ont accepté de présenter leur pays, Haïti, sous un tableau malsain.

Me Alain Lemithe
Me Alain Lemithe

Mr. Geilenfeld et son ONG « Hearts With Haiti » en sont sortis renforcés au détriment de 7 jeunes qui se disent victimes d’abus sexuels lorsqu’ils résidaient à l’Orphelinat Saint Joseph de Delmas 91. Le dossier est définitivement orienté sur les droits des homosexuels de diriger un orphelinat pour petits garçons en Haïti. Aujourd’hui, les groupes de pédophiles homosexuels influents et spécialement l’organisation pédophile NAMBLA reconnue comme sponsor de l’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph travaillent à créer un précédent en Haïti en portant la Cour d’appel de Port-au-Prince à maintenir le jugement secret adopté en l’absence des victimes le 29 avril 2015.

Un mauvais précédent qui risque d’être très avantageux pour les prédateurs d’enfants. Admettons que si tous les homosexuels ne sont pas des pédophiles, en l’occurrence, les pédophiles qui abusent les petits garçons sont nécessairement des homosexuels. Dans l’avenir n’importe quel pédophile (homo) pourra utiliser ce précédant en Haïti pour discréditer les victimes et les autorités haïtiennes, comme vient de le faire Mr. Geilenfeld à Portland, Maine.

La stratégie de Mr. Geilenfeld et de l’ONG « Heart With Haiti » a toujours été l’utilisation de la corruption dans l’administration publique et dans la justice pour se procurer les papiers et décisions nécessaires afin de prouver aux Etats-Unis qu’ils n’ont aucun problème en Haïti et pousser des instances américaines à décider en leur faveur. Aussi, utiliseront-ils la décision obtenue aux Etats-Unis pour renforcer leur position en Haïti. Me Fritzo Canton et Me Alain Lemithe continueront-ils d’assurer la sale besogne de corrompre les juges et les administrateurs haïtiens au service de ce consortium accusé à plusieurs reprise d’abus sur enfants démunis d’Haïti?
Page d’accueil de l’ONG

Fort du soutien de son ONG « Hearts With Haiti » basée en Caroline du Nord, Mr. Geilenfeld, accusé multiple d’abus sexuels sur enfants démunis de sexe masculin se trouvant à son orphelinat est de retour en Haïti. Il se dit homosexuel, accuse les haïtiens d’homophobie, réclame le droit de continuer à être responsable d’une maison d’accueil pour petits garçons démunis et continue d’avoir accès aux enfants en violation des décisions de l’IBESR. Plusieurs jeunes se disant victimes de Geilenfeld continuent de réclamer justice; l’Etat haïtien réclame le “tribunal criminel pour agression sexuelle, viol, atteinte à la pudeur et traite d’êtres humains conformément aux articles 278, 279, 280, 281, 282, 283 et l’article 3 du décret de l’assemblée Nationale en date du 12 janvier 2004 ratifiant le protocole additionnel à la convention des Nations Unies contre la criminalité transnationale organisée”.

L’affaire est devant la Cour d’Appel de Port-au-Prince. La justice haïtienne devra assumer ses responsabilités et se prononcer sur ce dossier.

Me Fritzo
Me Fritzo Canton

Les acrobaties d’avocats corrompus et corrupteurs comparables aux marchands d’esclaves d’Afrique qui vendaient leurs congénères ont des limites. Leurs mensonges éhontés et leurs manœuvres déloyales ont donné au dossier Geilenfeld/HeartWithHaiti une dimension internationale. L’Etat haïtien et son peuple ont été accusés d’homophobie. La justice haïtienne a le devoir de rétablir les limites entre homosexualité et pédophilie.

Faut-il rappeler qu’Haïti n’est sur la liste des 79 pays homophobes du monde où l’homosexualité est illégale. Etre homosexuel n’est pas un crime en Haïti. Cependant, il serait illégal pour un homosexuel accusé de pédophilie de diriger une maison d’accueil pour garçons démunis.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti
28 juillet 2015 (100 ans de l’occupation américaine)

Paul Kendrick of Freeport testifies in his own defense at defamation trial

July 21, 2015 – Portland Press Herald

Click either link to read the article on the Portland Press Herald’s web site.

Freeport resident Paul Kendrick blames himself that an investigation by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found no evidence to support his widely broadcast claim that the American founder of an orphanage in Haiti had sexually abused many of the boys in his care.

You can click the image below to read the article on the Portland Press Herald’s web site.


Pedophile : Discriminating Conduct of Some North American NGOs in Haiti.-

(this article can be found at:

The fight for justice for Haitian children, sexually abused by NGOs’ executives, leads some observers to question whether there is a pattern of behaviors akin to apartheid, discrimination and other biases underneath these executives’ worldview.

The case of Mr. Douglas Perlitz in Cap -Haitien and that of Mr. Michael Geilenfeld in Delmas illustrates some deeply held discriminatory views by the members of the Boards of Directors of “Haiti Fund” and “Heart with Haiti,” which unfortunately, results into apartheid-like approach to the sexual scandals that have plagued these NGOs and contempt for the alleged victims as human beings.

Over several decades, these NGOs, under the umbrella of philanthropy, have raised large amounts of funds to help the impoverished and the destitute children while they remain insensitive to the sexual assaults and plights, which have been thrust upon these young victims by the very executives who came to provide them with education, healthcare, shelter, etc.

The leaders of these NGOs remained supportive of those who have been accused of serially sexually abusing children under their care. They never considered it worthy, justified or even prudent to investigate, denounce, condemn and eventually stop the sexual abuse of those children. They would rather address the form of the revelations in lieu of considering the denunciation of those appalling and horrible on their own merits.

Strategically, the management of these two NGOs strives to break victims’ resistance through a war of attrition and by attacking their character when they paint them as liars and ingrates who dare protest or challenge the abuses they have sustained.

Advocates for justice against child abuse such as Cyrus Sibert and Paul Kendrick have been the subject of smear campaign and intimidations by M. Geilenfeld.

The pattern is obvious since we can remember so well during the intervention of Mr. Perlitz’ counsel at the U.S Federal Court in New Haven Connecticut, on December 21, 2010, when the counsel stated that Haiti is a poor country, stained by bacteria and diseases, and that the ignorance of its people hinders their ability to practice basic hygiene principles. He claimed that the victims were predisposed to sexual misconducts and that someone else would have committed the offenses, and that Mr. Perlitz, somehow, was belittled for having sex with these destitute children.

The sitting judge on the Federal Court of Connecticut had to remind the counsel that he could defend his client without insulting Haiti and its people. Many broke in tears hearing a foreigner presenting Haiti as a pariah, a rotten state deserving good laws and institutions, and that its people were naturally stripped of their pride and dignity.

Today, in this new struggle between us and the NGO “Heart with Haiti,” we wonder why is it so difficult for the leaders of that NGO to recall one of their representatives accused of pedophilia. Why is it so hard for an NGO to call for an internal review to discover the truth, to cooperate with the law, and to redeem itself ?

Why it is morally acceptable for the NGO, “Heart with Haiti” to elect to back a man accused of pedophilia, a suspect of multiple sexual assaults on children in his care? Why is this NGO striving to impose on the Haitian society a missionary accused of pedophilia while in the United States the suspect would be prohibited from areas frequented by children? Why is that over 30 years, accusations of sexual predations on children have consistently pointed toward Mr. Geilenfeld?


Over the years, more specifically, in 1987, 1990, 1991, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2003 and 2010, some young Haitians came forward to speak out against crimes of sexual abuses, human trafficking, and pedophilia, which have plagued the St. Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91. However, the NGO’s rationale on the relationships between a human being and a poor from Haiti led to contempt and overbearing. The North Carolinian NGO has scrupulously ignored the cries of the victims and insisted, by all means, to keep the suspected sex predator as the executive manager of that orphanage while this man continued, undisturbed, committing the repeat of pedophilia. The suspect has used his privilege and money to exploit public officials and weaken further an already weak justice system in Haiti.

These NGOs always boast and clamor their love for the impoverished children of Haiti. Would their managers accept that their own children attend a school or sports club run by a multiple accused of sexual assaults, especially, on children? Why have the officials of “Heart with Haiti” found it excessive the activism of Cyrus Sibert and Paul Kendrick riling against those practices and calling for justice for the victims of child exploitation, yet have spent roughly half a million dollars to provide the suspect with a strong legal defense team and other experts to burnish his image? Would this imply that the victims are underserving of any kind of support?

What lesson do they want to teach in Haiti? Are they suggesting that if one of their missionaries is accused of abusing sexually poor children, they will, unconditionally, defend and protect the suspect until he prevails?

Certainly they have considered Haitian children as inferior beings as they have stripped them of their inherent rights, and frankly, failed to see them through the lenses of human being.

Should we accept helplessly such a situation of degradation of the children of Haiti?

Some files related to the operation of the St. Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91 reveal that, John Duarte, priest and co-executive of that orphanage, was arrested and convicted in Canada of pedophilia committed in Haiti. Other visitors who stayed at the orphanage such as Mr. Michael Brower and Mr. Philip Norris are known or have been prosecuted for sexual abuse of children. Recently, it was revealed that the pedophile Association NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) maintained an excellent relationship with the St. Joseph Orphanage and has raised money on the latter’s behalf.

How can it be explained to the officials of the NGO “Heart with Haiti” that something is wrong at the St. Joseph Orphanage and that the responsible and right thing to do would be to first recall their representative, Mr. Geilenfeld; and call for a thorough and serious investigation, make public the results of such an investigation, and finally, work with law enforcement while supporting the young alleged victims?

Research shows that victims of human trafficking and sexual abuses bear the scars throughout their lives and that the pedophiles tend to commit a repeat the offence. Also, the side effects and the trauma hardly disappear over time. As a result, our support for the victims must not be deterred until we reinstate them as full members of society.

The arrest of Mr. Geilenfeld which has occurred on September 5 is a positive message sent by the Haitian government to those NGOs willing to always offer the Haitian people before a done deal. To these people who consider Haitian children as sex objects and sex slaves stripped of their beings, the Haitian government has just shown that it can set the rules of the game. The Ministries of Planning and that Interior must assess the responsibility, accountability, and social impacts of these NGOs before renewing their license to operate. Leaders of NGOs using the humanitarian umbrella as a Trojan horse while having no respect for our people ought to be deported.

Humanitarian aid cannot be carried out in atmosphere akin to apartheid and contempt of beneficiaries. Even the poor children of Haiti deserve to be treated like children with inherent rights and human dignity without prejudice or racial discrimination.

We commend the courage of the Haitian government, and much specifically the Haitian justice for its decisive actions suggesting that Haiti can stand up against a suspected criminal no matter how powerful he might be.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haïtien, Haïti
19 septembre 2014