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On May 8, 2015, the Haiti Ministry of Justice issued an order restricting Michael Geilenfeld’s travel to Haiti.

Sources in Haiti report that Geilenfeld arranged to cross the border into the Dominican Republic instead of risking detection by Haiti immigration officials at the airport in Port au Prince.

Michael Geilenfeld is a former Catholic Brother of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity
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billfogel – 7 hours ago

Paul knows no fear. Nothing but the best to him. Here’s hoping that justice prevails and Mr. Kendrick is vindicated for standing up for victims. Let these men have their day in court.


18 hours ago

Seems the whole problem from the beginning was that Geilenfeld and Hearts with Haiti couldn’t shut Paul Kendrick up from speaking the truth and protecting these kids. Even a defamation suit can’t back him off. Paul Kendrick is incredibly brave. T


Go, Paul! Speak the truth! Geilenfeld must be so angry that he can’t silence you!