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Check this out:

Here is a message I received from Attorney Mark Lavoie, who works with Peter DeTroy at the Norman, Hanson & DeTroy law firm in Portland, Maine (see below).

Attorney DeTroy is lead counsel for multi accused child molester, Michael Geilenfeld.

Although victims/survivors and child protection advocates have all experienced the wrath and hysteria of people like Mark Lavoie, it’s always fascinating to witness it close up and examine it when it suddenly reappears.

Lavoie is no different than the tens of millions of Catholics who have failed to stand up and demand redress for crimes committed against children by bishops and priests. 

Mr. Lavoie has never met the seven Haitian men who have testified that they were sexually abused by Geilenfeld when they were children
living at Geilenfeld’s orphanage in Haiti. 

Yet, Mr. Lavoie does not hesitate to label them all as liars.

It is apparent that Mr. Lavoie has no sense of their hurt, or of their pain and suffering.

It’s highly probable that Mr. Lavoie is Catholic and/or an alumnus of Cheverus High School where many students were sexually abused. I cannot be sure.

Mr. Lavoie’s message is insulting to the people of Haiti.

Child protection advocates intend to publish Mr. Lavoie’s words far and wide.

As an example for others to see.

Paul Kendrick 

On Mar 7, 2015, at 5:21 PM, Mark G. Lavoie <> wrote:

Dear Paul. Pls don’t share your lies with me any more.  I have asked you repeatedly not to send me this drivel. Undoubtedly someone will buy this stuff,  but you have the wrong guy when you attempt to sell it to me. Don’t waste any more of your time or mine.  It’s sort of like Lloyd  Bentsen reminding us that he knew John Kennedy, when Dan Quail really did  not.   You are a monotonous jackass. St. Ignatius, who would disown you with disgust,  would not be impressed by your antics or your desperate attempt to find a life ring to excuse the evil way in which you have attempted to portray good people in a malignant light.  Let’s allow a jury to acknowledge  that the truth is something that is apparently very elusive to a rumor monger like you. As the old saying goes, a liar never should  let the truth get in the way of a good story. It certInly hasn’t slowed you down even a bit. I pray that God finds rest for your tortured soul. Very truly yours, mark

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On Mar 7, 2015, at 4:33 PM, “PAUL KENDRICK” <> wrote


Somewhere, there must be a copy of a receipt showing that Michael Geilenfeld and Hearts with Haiti paid $39,000 plus to Attorney Peter DeTroy for services rendered by the lawyers to prepare the sanctions motions against me.

After all, the amount of billable hours approved by HWH and stipulated to by DeTroy as a monetary fine against me is the equivalent of one person working 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 5 weeks and three days on nothing but the motions for sanctions.

One wonders how leaders of a non-profit group like HWH could justify to their donors the expenditure of $39,000 in legal fees to punish someone for releasing “confidential” information that will be declassified and made public anyway when the civil trial begins.

It is fair and reasonable, don’t you think, to ask Hearts with Haiti board members to produce a copy of a receipt stamped “PAID” with “Preparation of Motions for Sanctions” written in the memo section of their check?

By the way, so that everyone’s on the same page, I didn’t 
release just any information.

I released a thread of emails that exposed efforts by USAID staff member, Jessica Reitz, Michael Geilenfeld, Attorney Rosario Rizzo, Attorney Robert Oberkoetter and HWH board member, Paul D’Oliviera to abort a criminal investigation of child sexual abuse charges against Geilenfeld at the US State Department level in Haiti.

One wonders why Peter DeTroy, an officer of the court, didn’t report the same information he’s now punishing me for to law enforcement and State Department officials?

One wonders why Norman, Hanson & DeTroy lawyer, Kelly Hoffman, didn’t report the information when her boss, DeTroy, refused to do so. Hoffman is also the Field Hockey coach at the prestigious Waynflete School in Portland, ME. In her coaching role, Hoffman is designated as a mandatory reporter according to the laws of the State of Maine.

Because of my action, further attempts by the above mentioned individuals and US Embassy personnel in Port au Prince to hinder and obstruct the investigation of Geilenfeld, a US citizen, multi accused child molester, ceased  immediately.

Under U.S. Federal Court rules of confidentiality, I was ordered to keep this information secret.

I did what I did so that the Haitian 
abuse victims would be able to speak freely to law enforcement officials about their abuse by Geilenfeld.

The victims had been threatened and intimidated long enough.

Children needed to be protected without further delay.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am being punished.

Pure and simple.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine
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