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“Story Telling for Healing,” a talk presented by Bill Casey

A time-honored practice of Restorative Justice relies on story telling and story listening to foster healing for those who suffer from serious harm. This talk will explore how a Restorative Justive model known as a Healing Circle can open a pathway toward healing for those harmed in any way by the sexual abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Church.


Bill Casey, Voice of the Faithful member, former VOTF trustee, and member/facilitator of the VOTF Restorative Justice Healing Circle Initiative


Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, 5:30 p.m.


Boston College Church in the 21st Century, Gasson Hall, Room 100


FREE and open to all.

Restorative Justice Healing Circles—The concept of healing has been largely overlooked in the struggle to address the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church. Voice of the Faithful is committed to developing and promoting models that could provide healing options for those wounded by the clergy sexual abuse of children and/or by hierarchical malfeasance in response to it. As part of that effort, VOTF participates in a collaborative effortr to advance a path of healing based on the principles and practices of Restorative Justice.
A Healing Circle is one model of restorative justice, appropriate for addressing the harm caused by the sexual abuse of children and adults as well as by malfeasant hierarchical responses to the abuse. The Healing Circle typically focuses on harm experienced by the participants in their own unique circumstances rather than on the harm caused by a specific shared incident of abuse.

Check under Programs/Healing Circles for additional information.


U.S. Federal Court

Here is the federal court link to the most recent claim filed. The content of this claim provides a complete history of the facts of the cases.


To: William Casey, Director, VOTF Healing Circle

You know, Mr. Casey, the more I think about, the more curious I am as to why you are not literally running towards the more than 70 terribly wounded child sexual abuse victims in Haiti who are in great need of immediate care and treatment.

During one of my visits to Cap Haitien, Haiti, a boy who was sexually abused by Douglas Perlitz sat down at our table at the hotel.

The boy had come from the doctor and was in need of US $60 for x-rays.

You see, the boy had been waking up with night sweats and bleeding from his eyes.

My Haitian friend, Cyrus Sibert, told me the boy was diagnosed with syphilis.

Your hosts at Boston College, the Jesuits, and their Jesuit companions at Fairfield University and Jesuit Province Headquarters refuse to provide funding for medical and mental health intervention for the children in Haiti who were sexually abused due to the negligence of Jesuit officials.

In fact, Fr. Paul Carrier, S.J., the Jesuit priest who headed the school in Haiti from his perch as campus ministry director at Fairfield University, has also been accused of child sexual abuse in Haiti.

Yet, there you will be on December 3rd, center stage, thanking your hosts, the Jesuits of Boston College, for inviting you to speak about the care, well being and healing of victims/survivors of child sexual abuse.

The sad and shameful irony of your actions, Mr. Casey, is too much to bear.

Please, call me now. Together we can begin to help these poor and vulnerable victims.


Paul Kendrick
Cheverus High School ’68
Fairfield University ’72




SNAP President Barbara Blaine and NCR columnist, Jamie Manson, ignored the plight and mistreatment of terribly wounded Haitian child sexual abuse victims by agreeing to appear as featured speakers at a conference sponsored by Voice of the Faithful and Fairfield University on the campus of Fairfield University.

Four years ago, at the conclusion of my meeting with Fairfield University President, Rev. Jeffrey von Arx, SJ, I told von Arx that he needed to accept the fact that his fellow Jesuit priest, Father Paul Carrier, SJ, ‘is about as dirty as dirty gets’ regarding the sexual abuse of children at Project Pierre Toussaint in Haiti. In response, Father von Arx said nothing. He just stared at me.

Paul Kendrick, Freeport, ME, Fairfield University, ’72 / 207-838-1319






105. From approximately 1999 to 2005 when Plaintiff Bernard Michel was approximately 11 to 16 years of age, Defendant Father Carrier, while in Haiti, engaged in explicit sexual behavior and lewd and lascivious behavior with Plaintiff, including but not limited to illicit sexual acts with Plaintiff.

106. Without limiting either the generality of the immediate preceding paragraph or the specific number of instances of illicit conduct, during the time period referenced in the immediate preceding paragraph, Defendant Father Carrier coerced Plaintiff into performing illicit sexual conduct by means of implicit threats to Plaintiff. Among other things, Father Carrier fondled Plaintiff’s genitals and had Plaintiff perform fellatio on Father Carrier.

107. Without limiting either the generality of the two immediate preceding paragraphs or the specific number of instances of illicit conduct, during the time period referenced above, Defendant Father Carrier provided things of value to Plaintiff in return for illicit sexual conduct, including, among other things, drawing supplies, clothes and food. Plaintiff understood that to continue to be able to attend PPT, eat meals provided by PPT, and receive an education at PPT, Plaintiff had to allow Father Carrier to sexually abuse Plaintiff.









Haiti child sexual abuse by Douglas Perlitz rises to 61 victims / Defendants include Fairfield University, New England Order of Jesuits and Catholic Order of Malta







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lundi 14 avril 2014

GRAND DOSSIER : Haïti, « Terre promise » des prêtres pédophiles américains : Le puzzle! (Texte de Cyrus Sibert)

Depuis plusieurs semaines, la stratégie de défense de Michael Geilenfeld, le Directeur de l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph accusé de crime de pédophilie, est de construire de faux témoignages dans le but de discréditer tous ceux qui réclament que vérité et justice soient faites sur les accusations d’exploitation sexuelle et de pédophilie à l’intérieur du centre d’accueil de Delmas 91, Haïti, qu’il dirige.

Le militant des droits humains, Paul Kendrick et le journaliste d’investigation, Cyrus Sibert représentent à leurs yeux, deux personnes à discréditer, en détruisant leur image aux yeux du tribunal Fédéral de Portland, Maine et du public en général. Car, le 5 mai de l’année 2014, le dossier sera entendu devant un juge Fédéral Américain. Ayant porté plainte contre Paul Kendrick pour diffamation, Michael Geilenfed a ouvert une boite de pandore, réveillant l’esprit de justice d’un nombre important de victimes et de témoins.

Se trouvant en difficulté avec des dépositions de plus et plus embarrassantes, tenues un peu partout à travers le monde – d’Haïti, des Etats-Unis, jusqu’en Angleterre, des témoignages, souvent en présence de l’accusé, de personnes déclarant ouvertement avoir été abusées par le Directeur de l’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91- le dernier recours des défenseurs de Michael Geilenfeld consiste, à attaquer, non pas les faits qu’on lui reproche, mais ceux qui ont le courage de les rapporter et surtout le duo Sibert-Kendrick, sans lequel l’affaire serait passée sous silence, comme d’habitude.

Dans un pays où les citoyens défavorisés en lutte avec la misère sont sans défense face à des criminels puissants, des étrangers pourvus des grosses connections internationales et surtout à l’intérieur de l’Eglise catholique, un abuseur comme Michael Geilenfeld peut facilement intimider ses victimes, au point de porter l’une d’entre elles, Marc Louis qui avait déclaré librement devant nos cameras qu’il avait été sodomisé par Michael Geilenfeld, de changer son témoignage et de crier au scandale. Marc Louis a ainsi déclaré sous serment qu’il a menti ; qu’il a été pressuré par Cyrus Sibert de mentir ; des pressions qui auraient pris l’allure d’intimidation ; le journaliste Cyrus Sibert, lui aurait remis une feuille de papier, lui indiquant les déclarations qu’il devait faire contre le directeur de l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91.

Nous vous invitons à regardez l’enregistrement solennel de Marc Karl Louis et de juger s’il lisait un papier. Dans cette vidéo vous verrez que l’homme racontait son histoire avec des précisions sur ce qui lui est arrivé, les endroits et les personnes aux Etats-Unis qui étaient au courant de sa situation.

[ Haiti-Pédophile-Geilenfeld : Un témoin à décharge affirme avoir été victime.– ]

C’est aussi la situation d’un jeune homme qui réside à l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91, qui a rédigé un papier dans lequel il affirme avoir reçu l’invitation de Cyrus Sibert qui cherchait à le rencontrer le 16 septembre 2013 pour le forcer à déposer contre Michael Geilenfeld, en échange d’argent et de promesse de dons. La déclaration est datée du 14 février 2014. Son auteur affirme avoir été poursuivi, ce jour là, par Cyrus Sibert, qui accompagnait deux autres victimes dans une voiture.

Un tas de mensonges qui visent à discréditer ceux qui réclament qu’une enquête approfondie soit réalisée sur cet orphelinat de Delmas 91, que les victimes qui ont porté plainte soit entendues par la justice ; que l’Etat haïtien adopte des mesures conservatoires pour protéger les enfants haïtiens et les personnes vulnérables concernées par ce dossier.

Nous rassurons tous ceux qui supportent cette campagne pour la vérité et la justice, que :

1- Nous sommes en mesure de prouver que Marc Louis était décontracté et qu’il avait décidé sans pression de faire sa déclaration. Ce que Geilenfeld ne savait pas, nous avions enregistré Marc Louis depuis son arrivé dans la chambre d’hôtel où il rencontrait les autres victimes de Saint-Joseph, dans une ambiance de retrouvailles ; et qu’il avait rappelé aux autres victimes les abus qu’ils avaient vécus ensemble. Ces échanges libres nous avaient donné l’idée de lui proposer d’enregistrer, en vidéo, une déclaration solennelle reprenant tous les faits qu’il avait raconté aux autres victimes. Cette proposition était un test du sérieux de ses accusations contre Michael Geilenfed. La dite vidéo devait servir au cas où Marc Louis serait en difficulté avec les sbires de Geilenfeld. Ce qui a été fait quand au début du février 2014, Michael Geilenfeld faisait augmenter la pression sur ses victimes et que Marc Louis, fut introuvable ;

2- Nous pouvons prouver que le 16 septembre 2013, nous n’étions pas en Haïti, mais en déplacement dans la ville américaine d’Orlando, Florida, où nous avions réalisé des transactions, jusqu’à notre retour au Cap-Haitien par un vol de la compagnie IBC Airways, le 18 septembre 2013. Donc, Cyrus Sibert ne pouvait pas inviter un jeune de Saint-Joseph à le rencontrer à une date qu’il n’était pas disponible en Haïti pour cette réunion. De plus, le jeune en question rapporte qu’il a été suivi le 14 février 2014 par une voiture et que Cyrus Sibert se trouvait dans cette voiture. Nous pouvons prouver que le 14 février 2014, nous n’étions pas à Port-au-Prince. Cyrus Sibert n’a jamais rencontré, ni parlé à ce jeune homme.

Toutefois, si les défenseurs de l’accusé s’activent à chercher des témoins à décharge, les supporters des victimes ont aussi le droit de chercher des victimes et des témoins capables d’apporter des preuves supplémentaires afin de confirmer ou d’infirmer certains points. Nous ne nous laisserons pas intimider par ceux qui abusent physiquement, sexuellement et moralement des enfants. Nous continuerons à sillonner la planète, à la recherche de toute personne désireuse de témoigner sur la situation à l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91.

Plus, Geilenfeld et sa bande cherchent à se défaire des accusations qui pèsent contre eux, plus ils compliquent leur situation et prouvent qu’ils ont quelque chose à cacher. Cette construction de faux témoignages contre des plaignants, contre des témoins et contre des supporters de victimes, est un acte indigne qui prouve le niveau maléfique des gens qui dirigent l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91.

Ces gens sont de vrais escrocs qui ont menti aux contributeurs américains, leur disant qu’ils sont en règle avec l’Etat haïtien, alors que depuis plusieurs années, les orphelinats Saint-Joseph fonctionnent sans autorisation de l’IBESR (Institut Bien-Etre Social), l’organe étatique chargé de contrôler ce genre d’institution. Heureusement, en février 2014, l’Etat haïtien a finalement décidé de fermer cette maison pourrie. Aujourd’hui, l’un des avocats de Michael Geilenfeld présente Madame Arielle J. Villedrouin, la directrice de l’IBESR, comme une personne incapable de décider.


[ Mme Arielle J. Villedrouin, of IBESR, cannot think for Herself : ]

[ Contenu de la lettre de l’IBESR ordonant la fermeture de l’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91. ]

Hypothèse d’enquête :

Nous profitons de ce texte pour communiquer au public, l’hypothèse de recherche qui constitue la base de notre motivation dans ce dossier.

En aout 2008, un ressortissant haïtien évoluant dans la diaspora, visita la ville du Cap-Haitien. Comme d’habitude, il apporte des cadeaux pour des enfants de rue qui mendient sur le boulevard. Dans une conversation avec eux, il apprend que enfants sont abusés à l’orphelinat Projet Pierre Toussaint, un Centre d’Accueil pour enfants de rue en banlieue que dirigeait Douglas Perlitz, un missionnaire catholique américain. Choqué, l’homme rapporte les témoignages à un ami capois, en se demandant comment cela peut-être possible sous les yeux des autorités étatiques chargés de superviser ce genre de projet ? Son interlocuteur le rassure en lui disant qu’il connaît un journaliste intègre, capable de dénoncer cette situation intolérable.

C’était le 15 aout 2007, je circulais en voiture dans le quartier de carénage, quand, d’un geste de la main, un ami me fit signe d’arrêter, disant à son interlocuteur : « ”En parlant du loup, on voit sa queue”, voici Cyrus ». Ils m’ont rapporté les allégations recueillies. Je leur ai dit que souvent on entend ce genre de rumeurs dans la ville. Cependant, pour que je puisse rédiger un article sur ce sujet, il me faut des victimes et des témoins… « Plusieurs victimes et plusieurs témoins… un papillon ne fait pas le printemps »

Ainsi, j’ai rencontré des victimes qui ont accepté de témoigner. J’ai pu constituer des sources pour me renseigner des faits et gestes de l’accusé, des sources de contrôle aussi. Finalement, j’ai décidé de rédiger un texte dénonçant les pratiques d’abus sexuels, sans citer de nom, ni d’institution.

[ Cap-Haitien, le pédophile et son centre d’accueil pour enfants de rue : ]

Plusieurs enquêtes on été réalisées par la suite, Perlitz a du fuir Haïti. Finalement, il est arrêté par ICE et Homeland Security, deux instituions américaines chargées d’appliquer la loi contre tous les citoyens américains qui voyagent avec objectif de se livrer à des relations sexuelles avec des mineurs.

Quelques semaines avant l’arrestation de Douglas Perlitz, avec la montée de pression de la justice américaine contre l’accusé, Paul Kendrick m’a contacté pour me demander ”si j’avais des preuves solides pour soutenir l’accusation”. Je fus méfiant. Car, j’avais peur que des supporters du pédophile, ne se fassent passer pour des défenseurs d’enfant, dans le but de prendre connaissance des noms des jeunes qui étaient prêts à témoigner.

Quelques semaines plus tard, après l’arrestation de Douglas Perlitz, j’ai reçu un appel de Paul Kendrick, m’informant de la connexion de Douglas Perlitz avec Ron Voss, un ancien prêtre américain qui avait avoué ses abus sexuels contre des enfants aux Etats-Unis. Ce Ron Voss avait lui aussi fuit les Etats-Unis, avec l’aide de l’Eglise catholique américaine pour se refugier en Haïti. Il était responsable de la maison d’Accueil, « The visitation Home », de Delmas 31, appelée «Mathieu 25 ». Un point d’accueil pour tous les missionnaires catholiques américains qui, fraichement arrivés en Haïti, y séjournent quelques mois, pour apprendre le créole et des consignes de survie, avant de s’aventurer dans les villes et/ou villages reculés du pays.

Kendrick m’informe que des militants américains qui combattent la pédophilie à l’intérieur de l’Eglise catholique condamnent les pratiques de l’Eglise catholique Américaine qui utilisent les pays du Sud et/ou pays pauvres comme Haïti, avec un Etat faible, pour cacher les prêtres et/ou religieux poursuivis pour abus sexuels sur mineurs. Douglas Perlitz qui avait lui aussi séjourné à « Mathieu 25 », était un bon ami de Ron Voss. En 2005, une lettre a été adressée au Ministre de la justice d’Haïti, Bernard Gousse, qui a eu le courage de mettre ce Ron Voss aux arrêts. Malheureusement, avec l’évasion du Pénitencier national, l’ancien prêtre pédophile a eu la possibilité de s’échapper et de quitter Haïti. On ne sait plus où il se cache. On rapporte qu’il réside dans l’une des iles Bahamas…

Lisez la lettre des militants américains adressée au Ministre Bernard Gousse concernat Ron Voss :

Pour plus d’info concernant le prêtre pédophile, Ron Voss, consultez les liens suivants :

En 2009, un ami nous parle d’un cas de pédophilie à Delmas 91. Un diplomate, lui avait demandé de me conseiller d’aller voir dans ce coin. Car, on rapporte une situation de pédophilie et d’exploitation sexuelle des enfants logés à cette enseigne. Il semble ne pas apprécier, la façon dont certains de ses collègues influents protègent ce citoyen américain en Haïti.

Nous avions répondu en exprimant nos limites en ressources humaines et financières. Le dossier Perlitz consommait déjà toutes nos ressources – des ressources familiales, vu qu’en Haïti aucune institution ne finance ce genre de travail. Nous avions 24 jeunes sous le dos. Des enfants abandonnés à supporter jour et nuit pour des histoires comme : nourriture, soins de santé, sécurité, protection, défense face aux abus de la police, hébergement temporaire en cas de menace de mort, frais scolaires pour ceux qui continuaient d’aller à l’école. Haïti, n’ayant pas les infrastructures pour la prise en charge et la protection des victimes et des témoins pour des cas aussi sensibles, nous étions obligés de tout fournir, avec le peu de ressources familiales que nous avions (la paie de ma femme, l’aide de mon père, l’assistance de ma mère), pour aider les jeunes victimes à rester debout. Car, sachant que, la maitrise du prédateur sexuel sur sa proie passe par des menaces physiques, psychologiques, mais surtout économiques – en Haïti, avec l’aide de quelques contributeurs, je me suis efforcé d’apporter un certain support aux victimes.

[Une nouvelle distribution de nourriture en faveur des victimes de Douglas Perlitz. ]

[Perlitz Victims Receive Aid With Alum Visit ]

Faut-il signaler qu’après plusieurs dizaines d’interviews sur plusieurs cas différents, nous réalisons que les prédateurs sexuels étrangers menacent les enfants victimes en ces termes : « Si tu parles, ta vie redeviendra comme avant ; personne ne te croira, Tu seras accusé de mensonge puis expulsé de l’orphelinat ; Tu retourneras dans la rue ; Plus de possibilité d’aller à l’école ; Tu ferais mieux d’accepter en silence ; Tu n’arriveras pas à avoir gain de cause en face de moi , car je suis un blanc riche et toi un petit gamin de rue avec un passé de délinquant».

Ce fut, cinq (5) années d’enfer pour un journaliste qui doit se réveiller très tôt parce que 24 jeunes sont en quête de tout. Tandis que, dans ce genre de situation, le bourreau pédophile reçoit tous les supports des amis et flatteurs de partout, pourvus en ressources. De plus, on s’arrange pour mettre à sa disposition une campagne de communication capable de protéger son image, tout en discréditant les victimes, en cherchant à casser le moral de tous ceux qui osent exiger justice et réparation. Ignorant – volontairement – que les abus subis par les enfants sont la cause des troubles de comportement qui les affectent, leur casier judicaire est, régulièrement, exhibé pour prouver qu’ils ne sont pas dignes de foi.

En décembre 2010, Douglas Perlitz est condamné à environ 20 ans de prison. Anderson Cooper, diffuse un reportage complet sur le dossier. Un mois plus tard, je reçois un appel d’une américaine, sollicitant le même engagement que nous avions eu dans le dossier Perlitz, en faveur des jeunes victimes de l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91.

[Orphan Predator : Haiti Street Orphans Abused. ]

Cette conversation par téléphone nous a permis, dans un premier temps, de remémorer l’invitation du diplomate, lancée à nous, par l’intermédiaire de notre ami commun. Dans un 2e temps, lors de notre visite à Port-au-Prince, à la fin du mois de février 2011, nous avions séjourné au « The visitation Home » communément appelé « Mathieu 25 », et là, nous avions compris la main mise de pédophiles américains sur ce point focal et son rôle en terme d’interconnexion. Consultant certains documents concernant l’Orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Monsieur Geilenfeld, nous avons vu le nom de John Duarte, un ancien prête canadien, arrêté en République Dominicaine pour crime de pédophilie en Haïti. John Duarte qui avait abusé plusieurs enfants haïtiens, dirigeait avec Michael Geilenfeld l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91.

[ John Duarte & Geilenfeld 2 religieux dits pédophiles, dirigeaient un orphelinat en Haiti.- ]

[Ex-Windsor priest John Duarte arrested for alleged child sex abuse in Haiti.]

[ Ex-Windsor priest arrested for sex abuse in Haiti. ]

Il y a aussi Michael Brewer et Phillip Norris, deux hommes suspectés de pédophilie, qui fréquentaient les maisons d’accueil de Michael Geilenfeld orphelinats de qui fréquentaient les maisons d’accueil de Michael Geilenfeld. On rapporte un mouvement de protestation des habitants de Fermathe contre certaines pratiques pédophiles de Phillips Norris qui utilisait une maison d’accueil pour enfants handicapés que dirigeait Michael Geilenfed pour abuser les enfants et les jeunes de cette localité de la zone métropolitaine d’Haïti. Aujourd’hui, Bishop Phillips Norris mène une vie de couple homosexuel en Angleterre avec Alex, l’un de ces jeunes de Fermathe.

[Hounded out of town for being black and gay. ]

Nous avions ainsi établi la connexion Ron Voss + Douglas Perlitz = John Duarte + Michael Geilenfed. Tous des religieux catholiques américains, ayant une certaine connexion avec « The visitation Home », « Mathieu 25 » que dirigeait Ron Voss ; tous rodant autour des orphelinats comme missionnaires responsables ; tous ayant à leurs actifs des allégations et/ou des accusations de crime de pédophilie ; tous connectés à des pédophiles ou à des personnalités faisant l’apologie de relation sexuelle entre Adultes et mineurs.

En effet, lors des funérailles de Tom Reeves, l’un des américains fondateurs de NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association), une organisation qui milite pour la réforme des lois interdisant les relations sexuelles entre adultes et enfants, l’organisation a ordonné qu’en guise de fleurs, les sympathisants et amis contribuent en faveur de l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91.

[ Haiti : Liens entre l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph et NAMBLA, une organisation pro-pédophilie. ]

A ce niveau, notre hypothèse de recherche, est conçue : « Un réseau de pédophiles catholiques américains s’est réfugié en Haïti, utilisant les orphelinats comme espace privilégié pour exploiter sexuellement les enfants vulnérables en situation de pauvreté. »

L’empreinte de l’Eglise catholique Américaine – La Conférence de Evêques Américains, USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops):

Après l’arrestation de Douglas Perlitz, les victimes et le journaliste Cyrus Sibert ont eu droit à la visite de deux haïtiens travaillant pour le compte de CRS (Catholique Reliefs Service) : Une haïtienne du nom de Mrs Sheyla Maximilian (Biamby), cadre de CRS et Stéphane Trouillot, un employé de la compagnie haïtienne de « PAP-Sécurité ».

Ils ont visité ce qui restait de Pierre Toussaint, ont rencontré le staff du projet et les enfants victimes, ils ont aussi rencontré Cyrus Sibert à l’Hôtel ”Auberge du Picolet”, dans le but de rassurer que des mesures allaient être prises pour supporter les victimes. Depuis, nous sommes restés sans nouvelle de ces deux personnalités.

Ce n’est que quelques mois plus tard, nous avons appris que la dame avait comme mission d’évaluer la situation pour permettre à l’Eglise Catholique Américaine de mieux se désengager et quant à l’agent de Sécurité de « PAP-Sécurité », de faire disparaître des preuves. Le coffre de Douglas Perlitz, a ainsi été récupéré pour être placé dans un bateau à destination des Etats-Unis. Le tout, après que Madame Carter, membre de l’Ordre de Malte, eut emporté l’ordinateur portable de Douglas Perlitz qui contenait des données compromettantes et des informations embarrassantes.

En janvier 2010, quelques heures avant le tremblement de terre dévastateur qui a détruit la capitale haïtienne, Paul Kendrick attira notre attention sur le fait que la carte de visite que Madame Maximilian avait comme mention, en rouge « USCCB : US Conference of Catholic Bishops ».

[ CRS – CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICE does not protect children against sex offenders. No background check for missionaries or employees, no policy to prevent pedophilia in Haiti. ]

Support politique en d’Haïti:

Plus loin, nous avons découvert que ce réseau est rentré en Haïti à partir des années 80. Des pédophiles de l’Eglise Catholique Américaine ont profité des troubles politiques d’après Duvalier pour renforcer leur établissement dans le pays. Le coup d’Etat de 1991 et l’embargo qui s’en est suivi ont rendu les façades d’activités humanitaires indispensables. Les parents et les enfants étaient devenus plus dépendants, les officiers de l’Etat, les superviseurs de IBERS, les responsables de la police et de la justice, y voyaient une source d’opportunités (visas, bourses et pots de vin).

Ces hommes ont cherché à côtoyer le régime Lavalas. Ron Voss, Douglas Perlitz et Michael Geilenfed ont, tous, eu de bonnes relations avec le Président Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Le prêtre exilé, en quête de supports pour retourner dans son pays, n’a pas pris le temps nécessaire pour évaluer ces missionnaires pédophiles qui s’efforçaient à se montrer généreux et bons. Certains ont connu le Centre d’Accueil LA FANMI SE LAVI, d’autres sont allés jusqu’à manifester devant l’Ambassade des Etats-Unis en faveur du retour de la démocratie. Ils ont adopté toute une stratégie pour se rapprocher du pouvoir d’Etat, de la bourgeoisie et des diplomates influents en poste en Haïti, en vue de continuer à opérer tranquillement dans le pays.

Comme nous l’avons mentionné plus haut, nos recherches nous ont permis de découvrir que l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph est lié à une organisation américaine qui prône les relations sexuelles entre les adultes et les enfants. Lors des funérailles de Tom Reeves, le leader de l’organisation NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association), qui milite pour la réforme des lois interdisant les relations sexuelles entre adultes et enfants et dont l’organisation avait réclamé qu’en guise de fleurs, des sympathisants et amis contribuent en faveur de l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91, entretenait de bonnes relations avec Jean-Bertrand Aristide, le leader du mouvement Lavalas. Dans le pamphlet présentant sa biographie, l’organisation vante le fait que leur leader avait lui aussi rencontré le Président Jean-Bertrand Aristide, au Palais National.

[ Haiti : Liens entre l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph et NAMBLA, une organisation pro-pédophilie. ]

Il y aussi ce extrait du livre “Notes from the Last Testament: The struggle for Haiti, de Michael Deibert” :
” The Catholic peace movement Pax Christi also continued to voice its support for Aristide, partially as a result of their chief liaison in Haiti, Ron Voss. Voss, an accused fugitive pedophile American priest from Indiana who had settled in Haiti after fleeing the United States and, many said, likely child molestation charges, for his loyality was rewarded by being allowed to live in one of Antoine Izmery’s old homes, which he dubbed “the visitation house,” and where he frequently held court surrounded by groups of young street boys. It was a sad state of affairs for a leader who had been able to rally such pervasive support during his 1991-1993 exile.”

Il y a aussi cet message-email que nous avons reçu – par erreur – du conseil d’administration du projet de Michael Geilenfeld, dans lequel il est dit clairement qu’un officier de la diplomatie américaine en poste en Haïti, supporte l’accusé et fait tout pour décourager les victimes.

[Haiti-Pedophile: U.S. diplomats protect a pedophile. (Evidence) ]

Ce qui explique pourquoi tous les mouvements de protestation organisés par les jeunes de Saint-Joseph, pour protester contre les pratiques d’abus sexuels ont toujours été avortés. La police, la Justice et l’IBESR n’aident pas les victimes qui n’ont d’autre choix que de retourner implorer le pardon de leur bourreau.

L’engagement Paul Kendrick-IGNATIUS GROUP/ Cyrus Sibert-ReseauCitadelle:

Depuis mars 2011, avec notre décision d’accompagner ces jeunes haïtiens qui réclament justice, nous avons changé la donne. Depuis cette date, nous sommes en lutte avec ce réseau puissant avec toutes ses ramifications en Haïti comme à l’étranger. Il y a plusieurs mois que des victimes et témoins de partout déposent sous serment devant des officiers de la justice américaine ; au mois de février 2014, l’IBESR a décidé de fermer l’orphelinat Saint-Joseph de Delmas 91 démontrant au grand public que Michael Geilenfeld faisait fonctionner illégalement un centre d’accueil pour enfants en Haïti ; au mois de mars 2014, des victimes ont déposé une plainte formelle devant la justice haïtienne. Le dossier a été confié au juge d’instruction Al Duniel Dimanche.


Les victimes ayant repris confiance dans leur combat pour la justice, c’est la panique dans le camp des supporters de l’accusé. Aujourd’hui, ils font feu de tout bois, ils cherchent à détruire les victimes et leurs supporters. Ils croient pouvoir présenter la décision de rechercher justice et réparation comme un comportement déloyal.

Nous souhaitons que les autorités haïtiennes puissent comprendre les enjeux et la situation de ces jeunes victimes harcelés chaque jour par ces étrangers qui se croient tout permis sur la terre de Dessalines. Ces jeunes qui ont été abusés physiquement, sexuellement et moralement, ces jeunes qui aujourd’hui voient leur vie brisée par la faute de prédateurs sexuels – criminels – qui, à un moment de la vie leur avaient traité comme objet de leur désir, méritent justice. Et ce sera un message fort lancé à tous les autres réseaux pédophiles qui comprendront qu’Haïti n’est plus leur terre promise.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haïti



“You can fool some people sometimes, But you can’t fool all the people all the time.”
(Vous pouvez tromper quelques personnes, parfois, Mais vous ne pouvez pas tromper tout le monde tout le temps.)

dixit Abraham Lincoln.

GRAND DOSSIER: Haiti, “Promised Land” of American pedophile priests: The puzzle! (Text of Cyrus Sibert)

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For several weeks, the defense strategy Geilenfeld Michael, Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage accused of the crime of pedophilia, is to build false testimony in order to discredit those who claim that truth and justice are made on sexual exploitation and pedophilia within the shelter of Delmas 91, Haiti, he directs accusations.

The human rights activist, Paul Kendrick and investigative journalist Cyrus Sibert represent them, two people discrediting, destroying their image in the eyes of the Federal Court in Portland, Maine and the general public. Because, on 5 May 2014, the case will be heard before a federal judge American. Who filed a complaint against Paul Kendrick for defamation, Michael Geilenfed opened a Pandora’s box, reviving the spirit of justice of a large number of victims and witnesses.

Being in trouble with the testimony of more and more embarrassing, held everywhere around the world – from Haiti, the United States, to England, testimonials, often in the presence of the accused, of people reporting openly being abused by the Director of the St. Joseph Orphanage Delmas 91 – the last resort for defenders Michael Geilenfeld is, to attack, not the allegations against him, but those who have the courage to report and especially the duo Sibert-Kendrick, without which the case would be ignored, as usual.

In a country where the poor people struggling with poverty are defenseless against powerful criminals, foreign filled big international connections and especially within the Catholic Church, as an abuser Michael Geilenfeld can easily intimidate victims to the point of wearing one of them, Marc Louis who said freely before our cameras he had been sodomized by Michael Geilenfeld to change his testimony and cry foul. Marc Louis has testified that he lied; he was squeezed by Cyrus Sibert of lying; pressures that have taken on the appearance of intimidation; journalist Cyrus Sibert, would have given a piece of paper, telling him he had to make statements against the director of the orphanage Saint-Joseph Delmas 91.

We invite you to look solemn registration Marc Karl Louis and judge if reading a paper. In this video you will see that the man told his story with details of what happened to him, places and people in the United States who were aware of his situation.

[Haiti-Pedophile-Geilenfeld: A Witness says he was victim -. ]

This is also the situation of a young man who lives in the St. Joseph orphanage in Delmas 91, who wrote a paper in which he says he received an invitation to Cyrus Sibert who sought to meet September 16, 2013 to force him to testify against Michael Geilenfeld in exchange for money and pledge. The statement is dated 14 February 2014. Its author claims to have been pursued, day by Cyrus Sibert, who accompanied two other victims in a car.

A bunch of lies designed to discredit those who claim that a thorough investigation is carried out on the orphanage in Delmas 91 victims who complained or heard by the justice; that the Haitian State to adopt precautionary measures to protect Haitian children and vulnerable people affected by this issue.

We reassure all those who support this campaign for truth and justice, that:

1 – We are able to prove that Marc Louis was relaxed and had decided without pressure to make his statement. What Geilenfeld did not know, we recorded Marc Louis since his arrival in the hotel where he met other victims of St. Joseph, in an atmosphere of reunion room; and he had other victims recalled the abuses they had experienced together. These free trade gave us the idea to propose to record, video, a solemn statement of all the facts he had told other victims. This proposal was a test of the seriousness of his accusations against Michael Geilenfed. The said video was used in case Marc Louis would be in trouble with the minions Geilenfeld. This was done when at the beginning of February 2014, Michael was Geilenfeld increase pressure on its victims and Marc Louis, was found;

2 – We can prove that September 16, 2013, we were not in Haiti, but movement in the U.S. city of Orlando, Florida, where we had made transactions until our return to Cap-Haitien by airline flight IBC Airways, September 18, 2013. So Cyrus Sibert could not invite a young St. Joseph to meet him at a date that was not available in Haiti for this meeting. In addition, the youth reported that question was followed February 14, 2014 by a car and Cyrus Sibert was in this car. We can prove that February 14, 2014, we were not in Port-au-Prince. Cyrus Sibert has never met or spoken to this young man.

However, if the defenders of the accused are busy looking for witnesses, supporters of the victims also have the right to search for victims and witnesses who can provide additional evidence to confirm or refute certain points . We will not let ourselves be intimidated by those who physically, sexually and mentally abused children. We will continue to roam the planet in search of anyone wishing to testify about the situation at the orphanage Saint-Joseph Delmas 91.

Plus, Geilenfeld and his gang try to get rid of the charges against them, the more they complicate their situation and prove that they have something to hide. This construction of perjury against complainants, witnesses and cons against supporters of victims is an outrageous act that proves the level of evil people running the orphanage Saint-Joseph Delmas 91.

These people are real crooks who lied to the American contributors, telling them they are in good standing with the Haitian government, while for several years, St. Joseph orphanages operate without authorization IBESR (Institute Welfare Social), the state body responsible for monitoring this kind of institution. Fortunately, in February 2014, the Haitian government has finally decided to close this rotten house. Today, one of the lawyers of Michael J. Geilenfeld this Lady Arielle Villedrouin, the director of the IBESR as a person unable to decide.


[Ms. Arielle J. Villedrouin, of IBESR, can not think for Herself: ]

[Contents of the letter IBESR ordonant the closure of the St. Joseph Orphanage of Delmas 91. -ordonant.html ]

Hypothesis of investigation:

We take this text to communicate to the public the research hypothesis which is the basis of our motivation in this case.

In August 2008, a Haitian national operating in the Diaspora, visited the city of Cap-Haitien. As usual, he brings gifts for street children begging on the boulevard. In a conversation with them, he learned that children are abused in the orphanage Project Pierre Toussaint, a Welcome Centre for street children in the suburbs that led Douglas Perlitz, an American Catholic missionary. Shocked, the man reported testimony to a friend Capois, wondering how it might be possible in the eyes of state authorities responsible for overseeing such a project? His interlocutor reassures him that he knows a journalist with integrity, capable of denouncing this intolerable situation.

It was August 15, 2007, I moved into the area by car careening, when a hand gesture, a friend motioned me to stop, telling his interlocutor: “” Speak of the devil, we see his tail,” Cyrus here. ” They told me the allegations received. I told them that we often hear these rumors in the city. However, I can write an article on this subject, I need victims and witnesses … “Several victims and several witnesses … a butterfly does not make a summer”

So I met with victims who agreed to testify. I could be sources to inform me of the actions of the accused, sources of control too. Finally, I decided to write an essay denouncing the practices of sexual abuse, without naming names or institution.

[Cap-Haitien, the pedophile and shelter for street children: ]

Several investigations have been conducted subsequently Perlitz was forced to flee Haiti. Finally, he was arrested by ICE and Homeland Security, two American institutions will responsible for applying the law against all U.S. citizens traveling with the aim of engaging in sex with minors.

A few weeks before the arrest of Douglas Perlitz, with the rise of pressure from American justice against the accused, Paul Kendrick contacted me to ask if I had” strong evidence to support the charge.” I was suspicious. Because I was afraid that supporters of pedophile, not posing as defenders of children, in order to read the names of the students who were willing to testify.

A few weeks later, after the arrest of Douglas Perlitz, I received a call from Paul Kendrick, informing me of the connection Douglas Perlitz with Ron Voss, a former U.S. priest who had confessed his sexual abuse against children to USA. This Ron Voss had also fled the United States, with the help of the American Catholic Church to take refuge in Haiti. He was responsible for the house of Home, “The Home visitation” of Delmas 31, called “Matthew 25”. A reception point for all U.S. Catholic missionaries who, newly arrived in Haiti, stay a few months to learn Creole and instructions survival, before venturing into the cities and / or remote villages.

Kendrick tells me that American activists fighting pedophilia within the Catholic Church condemn the practices of the American Catholic Church who use the South and / or poor countries like Haiti, with a weak state, for hide priests and / or religious prosecuted for sexual abuse of minors. Douglas Perlitz who had also stayed at “Matthew 25” was a good friend of Ron Voss. In 2005, a letter was addressed to the Minister of Justice of Haiti, Bernard Gousse, who had the courage to put this Ron Voss stops. Unfortunately, the escape from the National Penitentiary, the former pedophile priest was given the opportunity to escape and leave Haiti. We do not know where he is hiding. It is reported that resides in one of the islands Bahamas …

Read the letter addressed to U.S. activists Minister Bernard Gousse concernat Ron Voss

For more information about the pedophile priest Ron Voss, see the following links :

In 2009, a friend tells of a case of pedophilia in Delmas 91. A diplomat had asked him to advise me to go in this area. For a situation of pedophilia and sexual exploitation of children staying at this establishment are reported. It seems not to appreciate the way some of his influential colleagues who protect this American citizen in Haiti.

We responded by expressing our limited human and financial resources. Perlitz the folder already consumed all our resources – family resources, since in Haiti no institution finance this kind of work. We had 24 youth in the back. Abandoned to support day and night to stories like children: food, health care, security, protection, defense against police abuse, temporary accommodation in case of threat of death, school fees for those who continued to go to school. Haiti does not have the infrastructure to support and protection of victims and witnesses in cases as sensitive, we were obliged to provide anything with the little resources we had family (pay my wife the help of my father, my mother’s assistance) to help young victims to stand. For knowing the mastery of sexual predator on its prey through physical, psychological threats, but especially economic – in Haiti, with the help of some contributors, I have tried to provide some support to victims.

[A new food distribution to victims of Douglas Perlitz. ]

[Perlitz Victims Receive Aid With Alum Visit ]

Should be reported after dozens of interviews over several different cases, we realize that sexual predators threaten foreign child victims in these words: “If you speak, your life ever be the same; no one will believe you, You will be accused of lying and then expelled from the orphanage; You will return in the street; More opportunity to go to school; You better accept in silence; You will not succeed to succeed in front of me because I was a little kid and you rue a rich white with a delinquent past. ”

It was five (5) years of hell for a journalist who has to wake up early because 24 young people are looking for it. While in this situation, the executioner pedophile receives all media friends and flatterers everywhere resourced. In addition, it manages to make available a communication campaign can protect his image, while discrediting the victims, seeking to break the morale of all those who dare to demand justice and reparations. Ignorant – voluntarily – that abuse suffered by children are the cause behavioral problems that affect them, their criminal record is regularly exhibited to prove they are not reliable.

In December 2010, Douglas Perlitz was sentenced to 20 years in prison. Anderson Cooper broadcasts a full report on the case. A month later, I received a call from an American, seeking the same commitment that we had in the Perlitz case, for young victims of St. Joseph orphanage in Delmas 91.

[Orphan Predator. Haiti Street Orphans Abused ]

This phone conversation helped us in the first instance, to recall the invitation of the diplomat, launched at us, through our mutual friend. In a second time during our visit to Port-au-Prince, at the end of February 2011, we had stayed at “The Home visitation” commonly called “Matthew 25”, and then we understood the grip U.S. pedophiles on this focal point and its role in terms of interconnection. Looking documents concerning St. Joseph Orphanage Mr. Geilenfeld we saw the name of John Duarte, a former Canadian ready arrested in Dominican Republic for the crime of pedophilia in Haiti. John Duarte who had abused several Haitian children, directed with Michael Geilenfeld Orphanage St. Joseph Delmas 91.

[John Duarte & Geilenfeld 2 called religious pedophiles ran an orphanage in Haiti -. ]

[Ex-Windsor priest John Duarte Arrested for Alleged child sex abuse in Haiti. ]

[Ex-Windsor priest arrested This is for sex abuse in Haiti. ]

There is also Michael Brewer and Phillip Norris, two men suspected of pedophilia, who attended shelters Michael Geilenfeld orphanages who frequented the home of Michael Geilenfeld houses. A protest against the inhabitants of Fermathe some pedophilia Phillips Norris used a home for disabled children that led Michael Geilenfed to abuse children and young people in this town in the metropolitan area of ​​Haiti is reported. Today, Bishop Phillips Norris lives as a gay couple in England with Alex, one of these young Fermathe.

[Hounded out of town for Being black and gay. ]

We have thus established the connection Voss Ron Douglas Perlitz = John + Duarte + Michael Geilenfed. All American Catholic religious, having some connection with “The Home visitation”, “Matthew 25” that led Ron Voss; all loitering orphanages as missionaries responsible; all having their assets from claims and / or criminal charges of pedophilia; all connected to pedophiles or personalities advocating sexual relations between adults and minors.

Indeed, at the funeral of Tom Reeves, one of the founders of NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association) U.S., an organization that advocates for reform of laws prohibiting sexual relations between adults and children, the organization ordered that instead of flowers, friends and supporters for helping the orphanage Saint-Joseph Delmas 91.

[Haiti: Linking St. Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA, an organization pro-pédophilie. ]

At this level, our research hypothesis is designed: “A network of pedophiles American Catholics fled to Haiti using orphanages as a privileged space to sexually exploit vulnerable children living in poverty.

The footprint of the American Catholic Church – The Conference of Bishops Americans USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops)

After the arrest of Douglas Perlitz, victims and journalist Cyrus Sibert were treated to a visit from two Haitian working for CRS (Catholic Relief Service): A Haitian named Mrs. Sheyla Maximilian (Biamby) framework CRS and Stéphane Trouillot, a Haitian employee of the company “PAP-Security.”

They visited what remained of Pierre Toussaint, met with project staff and child victims, they also met Cyrus Sibert at Hotel Auberge du Picolet””, in order to reassure that measures would be taken to support victims. Since we were without news of these two personalities.

It was only a few months later, we learned that the lady had a mission to assess the situation to allow the American Catholic Church better disengage and about the agent Security “PAP-Security” , to eliminate evidence. The trunk of Douglas Perlitz, has been recovered to be placed in a boat to the United States. All after Ms. Carter, a member of the Order of Malta, had carried the laptop Douglas Perlitz containing incriminating data and embarrassing information.

In January 2010, a few hours before the devastating earthquake that destroyed the Haitian capital, Paul Kendrick drew our attention to the fact that the card that Mrs. Maximilian was as stated, in red “USCCB: U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ .

[CRS – CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICE Does not protect children against sex offenders. No background check for missionaries or employed, no policy to Prevent pedophilia in Haiti. ]

Political support of Haiti:

Later, we discovered that this network is returned to Haiti from 80. Pedophiles American Catholic Church took advantage of political turmoil after Duvalier to enhance their business in the country. The 1991 coup and the embargo that ensued made the facades of essential humanitarian activities. Parents and children had become more dependent on the state officials, supervisors IBERS, the police officials and justice, saw it as a source of opportunities (visas, scholarships and bribes).

These men wanted to be with the Lavalas regime. Ron Voss, Michael Douglas Perlitz and Geilenfed have all had good relations with President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. The priest exiled in search of support to return to his country, has not taken the necessary time to evaluate these pedophiles missionaries who tried to be generous and good. Some have experienced the Welcome Center THE FANMI SE LAVI, others went to protest outside the Embassy of the United States for the return of democracy. They adopted a strategy to approach the state power of the bourgeoisie and influential diplomats in Haiti, to continue to operate quietly in the country.

As we mentioned earlier, our research we discovered that the St. Joseph Orphanage is linked to a U.S. organization that advocates sex between adults and children. At the funeral of Tom Reeves, the leader of the organization NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association), which campaigns for the reform of laws prohibiting sexual relations between adults and children and the organization had called that way flowers, friends and supporters for helping the orphanage Saint-Joseph Delmas 91, had a good relationship with Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the leader of the Lavalas movement. In the pamphlet with his biography, the organization boasts that their leader had also met with President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the National Palace.

[Haiti: Linking St. Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA, an organization pro-pédophilie. ]

There is also this excerpt from the book “Notes from the Last Testament: The Struggle for Haiti by Michael Deibert”:
“The Catholic peace movement Pax Christi aussi icts Continued to voice carrier for Aristide Partially as a result of Their chief liaison in Haiti Ron Voss. Voss, an Accused fugitive pedophile American priest from Indiana Have you HAD-settled in Haiti Effective fleeing the United States and, Many Said, Likely child molestation charges, for His loyality WAS Rewarded by Being allowed to live in one of Antoine Izmery’s old homes, All which he dubbed “the house visitation,” Where he and Frequently Held court surrounded by groups of young street boys. It was a sad state of affairs for a leader Have you HAD beens ble to rally Such pervasive media falling on His exile 1991-1993.”

There is also this post-email we received – by mistake – Board Michael Geilenfeld project, in which it is clear that a U.S. diplomatic officer stationed in Haiti, support the accused and does everything to discourage victims.

[Haiti-Pedophile: U.S. diplomats protect a pedophile. (Evidence) ]

This explains why all the protests organized by youth of St. Joseph, to protest against the practices of sexual abuse have been aborted. Police, Justice and IBESR do not help the victims who have no choice but to return to implore forgiveness for their torturer.

Commitment Paul Kendrick IGNATIUS GROUP / Cyrus Sibert-ReseauCitadelle:

Since March 2011, our decision to support these young Haitians seeking justice, we changed that. Since then, we struggle with this powerful network with all its ramifications in Haiti and abroad. There are several months of victims and witnesses under oath before all the officers of the American justice; in February 2014 IBESR decided to close the orphanage Saint-Joseph Delmas 91 showing the public that Michael was operating illegally Geilenfeld a center for children in Haiti; in March 2014 victims have filed a formal complaint with the Haitian justice. The case was assigned to Judge Al Duniel Sunday.


Victims who have regained confidence in their struggle for justice is panic in the camp of supporters of the accused. Today, they are firing on all cylinders, they seek to destroy the victims and their supporters. They think they can present the decision to seek justice and reparation as unfair behavior.

We hope that the Haitian authorities to understand the issues and the situation of these young victims harassed daily by those foreigners who believe that everything is permitted on the land of Dessalines. These young people who have been abused physically, sexually and morally, these young people today see their shattered by the lack of sexual predators life – criminals – who at one point in life they had treated as the object of their desire, deserve justice . And it will be a strong message to all other pedophile who understand that Haiti is not their promised land.

Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti


“You can fool some party sometimes, But you can not fool all the people all the time. ”
You can fool some people sometimes But you can not fool all the people all the time.

) Dixit Abraham Lincoln.

The Connecticut Law Tribune


Many of us remember that, around 1997, Douglas Perlitz obtained funding to found Project Pierre Toussaint (PPT), a school for boys in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. Initially, PPT began as an intake center referred to as the 13th Street Intake Program and provided services to children of all ages, most of whom were street children.

The services provided for the children included meals, sports activities, basic classroom instruction, and access to running water for baths. PPT continued to expand and, in approximately 1999, a residential facility, Village Pierre Toussaint (referred to as the “Village”), was added. Although the Village was staffed primarily by Haitians, Perlitz was directly involved with the Village. Circa 1999, The Haiti Fund Inc. was incorporated as a charitable, religious and educational organization in Connecticut, and operated as the fund-raising arm of PPT. The fund raised large sums of money through fund-raising efforts in Connecticut, and all of the expenses associated with PPT were paid for by monies raised on behalf of PPT by the Haiti Fund.

At various times between 2001 and 2008, Perlitz traveled from airports in the U.S. to Haiti to engage in illicit sexual conduct with minors and did, in fact, engage in sexual conduct with minor boys who attended school at PPT. He abused his position of authority to entice and persuade the minors to comply with the sex acts by providing the promise of food and shelter and other benefits, including cash, cell phones, electronics, shoes, clothes, and other items. Perlitz ultimately pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 19-plus years imprisonment. We suspect that the sentence was a reflection of the fact that the government was dealing with a foreign government, impoverished young men now on the streets, poor record keeping, etc.

Several lawsuits were thereafter filed, asserting that Fairfield University, the Society of Jesus of New England, which operates the university, the charity’s board, and individuals associated with both the school and the charity were able to influence Perlitz but failed to stop abuse that was known to residential staff in Haiti. The lawsuits contended that Perlitz’s charitable operation in Haiti drew significant support, financial and otherwise, from Fairfield University and the larger religious community associated with the Jesuit school. The financial support in particular gave donors access to and control over Perlitz’s operation, according to Boston lawyer Mitchell Garabedian, a lawyer for the victims. During the period in which the abuse took place, the suits assert, the university contributed $57,000 to the charity and the Jesuits contributed $600,000.

At the same time, the Jesuits assigned priests in training to work at Project Pierre Toussaint, and the university arranged for volunteers to work there. According to the lawsuits, the frequent travel to and from Haiti should have alerted church and school officials to the abuse. Additionally, it was widely known on the campus of the residential school in Haiti that Perlitz was spending nights with boys and that, in some cases, boys complained to the charity’s staff, and their cries of pain could be heard at night from Perlitz’s bedroom. The lawsuits recently settled for $12 million and new suits by other boys are being threatened.

While Perlitz was prosecuted criminally, and others pursued civilly, the persons associated with the nonprofit corporation could not be charged criminally because they are not mandated reporters under Connecticut law. Were they, their failure to report could have subjected them to criminal prosecution. Sadly, this was not an isolated case and there are now attorneys and agents in the United States Attorney’s Office who specialize in these cases-cases involving criminal acts perpetrated by persons connected to and funded by Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)whose employees volunteers abuse children.

This year’s legislative session gives us an opportunity to remedy the situation. We should require any director, officer, or employee of a nonprofit corporation that is incorporated in or operates in Connecticut, as well as any director, officer, or employee of a religious corporation or religious society that is formed in or that operates in Connecticut, who has reasonable cause to believe that a child under the age of 18 has suffered abuse or neglect caused by a person acting on behalf of the corporation or society, to provide an oral report to the Commissioner of Children and Families or a law enforcement agency, provided that the alleged perpetrator of such abuse or neglect is employed by, contracted by, or volunteers with the organization and coaches, trains, educates, or counsels a child or children or regularly has unsupervised access to a child.

Maybe if people understood that their failure to behave morally would subject them to liability criminally, they would do the right thing. It shouldn’t matter that the abuse took place outside our state or that the school operated outside Connecticut. The foundation of the Haitian school-the entity that allowed it to operate, was within our borders, and the decision to fund the school was made by persons acting while part of an entity housed in our borders. Sadly, so did the feigned ignorance of the abuse. •


March 7, 2014

Timothy O’Neil
Attorney at Law
Murphy & King
Boston, MA

Dear Attorney O’Neil,

Please inform Jesuit priest, Father Paul Carrier, S.J., (former director of campus ministry at Fairfield University) that I will not respond in any way to Attorney Kelly Hoffman nor any other representative of the Norman, Hansen and DeTroy law firm regarding this matter.

My reasons for saying this should be obvious to you.

Protecting poor and vulnerable children from abuse, Tim, is an implied moral contract we have with one another as a society.

The children in Haiti who are testifying that they were sexually abused by Douglas Perlitz and Ms. Hoffman’s client, Michael Geilenfeld, are not pawns in a race for you and your colleagues to be selected as one of “America’s Best Attorneys.”

Instead, these victims are among the poorest of the poor children in the world, a far cry from the well cared for student/athletes whom Ms. Hoffman coaches on her Field Hockey team at the exclusive Waynflete School in Portland, Maine,

It is a fact, Tim, that when the first cries of rape, the first cries for help, emerged from the boys at Project Pierre Toussaint in late 2007, Father Carrier, then president of the nonprofit that operated the school, ran as far away from these hurting kids as possible.

Father Carrier did not embrace their pain, fear and suffering with love, care and understanding.

Instead, he did nothing.

Donations ran out. The school in Haiti closed. The kids were forced back into the streets with no food, no safe shelter and no education.

And, still, Father Carrier abandoned them. He thought of no one but himself.

So, please stop harassing me with your legal tactics and maneuvers and get about the business of making reparations to the terribly wounded child sexual abuse victims of serial rapist, Douglas Perlitz.

Please, do what is right and just.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, Maine
207-838-1319  (text seen below)  (text seen below)
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