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Hearts with Haiti & Michael Geilenfeld v. Michael Geilenfeld

March 30th Hearing Scheduled in Portland, Maine

Maine Attorney Peter DeTroy must surrender his client, Michael Geilenfeld, to Haiti Police / Will a Fugitive of Justice be Allowed to Testify in Federal Court in Portland?

Is it possible that a U.S. Federal Court Judge will agree to preside over court proceedings that include the sworn testimony of an individual who is evading an arrest warrant that has been issued against him for questioning about sex crimes against children in Haiti?

Haiti National Police have a warrant for the arrest of U.S citizen, Michael Geilenfeld.

it is ludicrous and naive to expect that an individual who is running and hiding from police authorities in Haiti can suddenly be trusted to tell the truth on the witness stand in US federal court in Portland, Maine.

Geilenfeld’s attorney, Peter DeTroy, is an officer of the court.

As such, DeTroy has an obligation to assist Geilenfeld in surrendering himself to Haiti police authorities.


Press Herald / Oct. 31, 2015

Haiti Officials Issue Arrest Warrant for Michael Geilenfeld

Press Herald / Nov. 5, 2015

Haiti Officials Close Orphanage

December 26, 2015

Jeanette Fuccella
Executive Director
Hearts with Haiti
Raleigh, North Carolina

Dear Ms. Fuccella,

In an attempt to derail and disrupt due process in the Haiti Appeals Court trial of multi accused child molester, Michael Geilenfeld, lawyers defending Geilenfeld filed charges against the victims who are reporting their abuse to Haiti Prosecutors, charging the victims with slander and defamation.

Child protection advocates want you, the Executive Director of North Carolina based 501(c)(3), Hearts with Haiti, to offer testimony that you have no knowledge of the past and/or present use of bribery and corruption to influence law enforcement officials, witnesses and justice officials for the purpose of exonerating Michael Geilenfeld from crimes that Geilenfeld is accused of committing against children in Haiti.

In addition, Ms. Fuccella, it is important for you to report to your donors that, according to recent news reports, seven new individuals have reported to Haiti authorities that they were sexually abused by Michael Geilenfeld when they were children living in Geilenfeld’s care in his orphanage in Haiti.

It is incumbent upon you to notify your donors of the steps you are taking to investigate these new child sexual abuse charges against Geilenfeld.

It has also been reported by the AssocIated Press that the doors to the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys are sealed shut and the facility has been permanently closed by Haiti authorities.

Would you please confirm or deny that the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys is closed?

Would you please confirm or deny that a warrant has been issued by Haiti authorities for the arrest of Michael Geilenfeld?

Do your donors know that the Wings of Hope facility is not licensed by Haiti authorities (IBESR)?

Finally, are your donors aware that their hard earned, taxpayer subsidized, donations are being used to improve and subsidize property in Haiti that is 100% owned in the name of Michael Geilenfeld? Donors will certainly be surprised by this revelation causing many, I am certain, to feel deceived and manipulated.

Lots of questions, for sure.

The operations for children in Haiti that you and your non-profit claim to support, Ms. Fuccella, are a train wreck.

You must know by now that there are more people in the world who care deeply about the protection of children from child sexual abuse than there are you, your board of directors, and your naive followers who would defend and support Michael Geilenfeld, no matter the amount of evidence against him.

As I said earlier, it is my understanding that, at present, there seven new individuals who have reported to Haiti authorities that they were sexually abused by Geilenfeld when they were children.

What are you doing about it?

I look forward to your timely response to all of my questions.

Paul Kendrick
Freeport, ME



“The Registry of the Appellate Court of Port au Prince hereby certifies and attests that the case between the Public Prosecutor and Messr. Michael Geilenfeld…has been heard by the Court while investigating the case and the said Court has ordered by Decree the personal appearance of the witnesses on Monday, January 11, 2016.”


In an attempt to derail and disrupt due process in the Haiti Appeals Court trial of multi accused child molester, Michael Geilenfeld, lawyers defending Geilenfeld in Haiti filed charges against the victims who are reporting their abuse to Haiti Prosecutors, charging the victims with slander and defamation.

Child protection advocates want Maine Attorney Peter DeTroy to offer testimony that he has no knowledge of the past and/or present use of bribery and corruption to influence law enforcement officials, witnesses and justice officials for the purpose of exonerating his client, Michael Geilenfeld, from crimes that Geilenfeld is accused of committing against children in Haiti.

According to the U.S. Directors of a boys’ orphanage in Haiti, “Children with histories of abuse often accuse people in their lives they feel safe with of abuse, abuse that was actually committed by others…”

In other words, it’s the victims’ fault…they are liars…


“The St. Joseph Family also recognizes that when children with a history of abuse find themselves in a safe place, they often are finally able to acknowledge internally and externally their past abuse, however how that takes place is often not in truthful and accurate ways. Children with histories of abuse often accuse people in their lives they feel safe with of abuse, abuse that was actually committed by others, because that is the only way they feel safe acknowledging their past experiences. Because of this, we have policies in place not only to protect the children of the St. Joseph Family from any abuse, but to also try to protect members of the St. Joseph Family leader- ship, staff, volunteers and guests from false, and misdirected, accusations of abuse.”

Click link for St. Joseph Family Child Protection Policy

Or click here.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Haiti: Linking the orphanage St. Joseph and NAMBLA, a pro-pedophilia organization.

 (translated French to English by Google Translate)

Saint Joseph’s orphanage in Delmas 91 (Haiti), is it a branch of the organization NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association), known for its argument for sexual relations between adults and children?

In his will, Tom Reeves, one of the founders of American NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love an organization that campaigns for the reform of laws prohibiting sexual relationships between adults and children, ordered that his personal property go at St. Joseph Orphanage Delmas 91.
Should we mention that our investigations clearly demonstrate the passage of several pedophiles American, Canadian and English at Delmas 91. John Duarte, convicted for pedophilia in Canada in Haiti was one of the officials who ran the orphanage for street children, Haiti.

Alumni of these orphanages continue to accuse Michael Geilenfeld of abusing them when they were in his custody.

Cyrus Sibert, RéseauCitadelle

Cap-Haitien, Haiti

IGNATIUS GROUP___ Tom Reeves is one of the founding members of NAMBLA and a has-been National Spokesman for NAMBLA. Tom Reeves est aussi one of the original Signatories on the Sex Offender Laws Reform Campaign petition. Reeves died on February 19, 2012. In lieu of flowers, donations That Mr. Reeves requested be sent to the St. Joseph’s orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti ( ( Michael Geilenfeld, a US citizen, is the founder and Executive Director of the St. Joseph’s orphanages in Haiti. Hearts with Haiti is in North Carolina non-profit based That Provides funding to the St. Joseph’s orphanage. ________________________________ Hearts With Haiti Inc., based in Raleigh, NC, and Michael Geilenfeld, executive director of St. Joseph Family of Haiti, filed a lawsuit on February 6, 2013 contre Paul Kendrick of Freeport, Maine in US District Court in Portland, Maine. The Plaintiffs allege Kendrick That’s false allegations Geilenfeld That HAS sexually abused children defamed HAS Caused the organization and fundraising events in the US to be February 13, 2014, seven minor children Who HAD beens living at the St. Joseph’s orphanage Were Placed into the protective custody of IBESR, the Haiti National Social Welfare Agency. Pro-pedophile activist Tom Reeves is best Known for the role That he Played in founding NAMBLA. In the late 1970s, prior to the formation of NAMBLA, Tom Reeves Was already referring to himself as a “boylover” Publicly Defending adults and making sexual contacts with teens. On December 2, 1978 Organized Reeves a meeting on the topic of “man-boy love”; It was at this meeting qui NAMBLA Was Formed. Inside of NAMBLA, Reeves Played a role Prolific acting as a Spokesman for the organization. In the late 90’s, Reeves Formed a new group of pedophile activists and Their Allies called “Reform Sex Offender Laws.” It Is Known As The New NAMBLA Because It Has the Saami goals, agendas and Sami Many of the members have the original NAMBLA. Http://

Cyrus Sibert invites Haitian lawyers Michael Geilenfeld to reenter … stop your lies and intimidation!
For over 5 years, Cyrus Sibert has only demand the application of the universal protocol relating to allegations and accusations of sexual abuse in an orphanage.
Ti Chen Ti Aysyen pa!
A – Michael Geilenfeld recognizes that there has been accused of sexual abuse by children from his orphanage several times: 1987, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006 and 2007;
B- Young people who say they are victims of Mr. Cyrus Sibert Geilenfeld contacted in January 2011, four years after the last protest movement inside the orphanage. They have explained their situation and their willingness to end this calamity. While Mr Geilenfeld their having always said that they will never have access to justice in their country, we decided to provide them the necessary support to cover the costs of proceedings (Cyrus Sibert funded sometimes by Mr. Emmanuel Jeanty ) added to the volunteer services of Mr. Jeanty and his lawyer friends of Port-au-Prince pourqu’ils can make their voices heard before the Haitian justice.
C- From 2011 to today we have that requiring the application of the universal protocol when there are accusations of sexual abuse in an orphanage;
Ti Ti pa Aysyen Chyen!
Knowing that
1- pedophiles do not change, and it is the duty of every society to place them in reformatories, monitored and / or under social service supervision;
2 in a situation of sexual exploitation of minors, there are more victims than those who have the courage to reveal their injury;
3- noting that the universal protocol relating to allegations of abuse of minors has not been respected in the case of St. Joseph Orphanage;
we supported victims in the hope that the authorities and society would react in favor of child protection by adopting the measures required in this case:
a- set provisional gap of the accused,
b- open administrative investigations, private and judicial
c- care of victims,
d- adoption of a child protection policy: the establishment of a protocol governing relations, relations and distances between the children and the orphanage staff.
And in the specific case of St. Joseph Orphanage, the Haitian State in the exercise of its sovereignty, should respond to evidence of links between NAMBLA (North American Man / Boy Love Association) and this house Home operating on the national territory.
D- Cyrus Sibert, did not create any allegations or charges against Mr. Geilenfeld. It only respond to the discriminatory treatment which requires that we treat poor children of Haiti différemement of American children.
How sad to hear defense lawyers describe our civic contribution, as qu’haitiens descendants of slaves who refuse sexual slavery in the land of our ancestors, of wrongdoing. Does Haiti has lost the sense of mutual help? Where is the ideal pursued by Saint Yves, the patron of lawyers? What about the cleanliness of the oath by lawyers defending the widow and the orphan?
It is inconceivable that one of the Haitian Lawyers for Mr Geilenfeld in his testimony via Skype, with a white jury in Portland Maine, says Pedophile (child molestation) = homosexual in Haiti (Lifestyle) “… the judge Concluded That There Were sexual molestation Because of the fact That Michael Geilenfeld admis That He Was homosexual “(see the testimony of Alain Lemithe, page 41). It is a betrayal a Haitian lawyer, in his mercenary, states that our judges are unable to differentiate ente “Homosexuality” and “pedophilia”.
Cyrus Sibert, Cap-Haitien, Haiti

* See links between St. Joseph Orphanage and NAMBLA organization:

Translated with Google Translate

See English translation below images.


Port au Prince, 4th of November 2015

Chief of the Tribunal of Premiere Instance
of Port au Prince
Palace of Justice
Court of Action

Honorable Chief,

The following individuals, Xxxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, are all identified respectively and nationally as:  xx-xx-xx-xxxx-xx-xxxx, xx-xx-xx-xxxx-xx-xxxx, xx-xx-xx-xxxx-xx-xxxx, xx-xx-xx-xxxx-xx-xxxx, xx-xx-xx-xxxx-xx-xxxx, who reside in the Port au Prince area, and are legally represented by Chief Attorney Jacky C. Pierre, Advocat au Barreau of Croix-de Bouquets, identified by his license number 003-329-303-7, B-1551599, B-1551601, with is offices located at 361 Angle Rue Stenio Vincent et Grande Plaine, Croix-des-Bouquets.

Please permit me to explain:

The above charges brought by the court of Port au Prince against Michael Geilenfeld for rape and sexual aggression.  After legal consultation with the magistrate judge of Petion-ville, at the request of the court on 22nd October, 2015 a search warrant was issued to investigate at the orphanage located at Delmas 91, in order to confirm the physical presence of minors and to take all the testimony and evidence into custody.  During this process, three minors were found at the property, this, after he had been ordered to not have minors on site.  This resulted in a warrant being issued against Michael Geilenfeld for sexual aggression, rape and abuse of authority.  Michael Geilenfeld was to go  in front of the court to explain the acts committed on the victims.  He was no where to be found, thus an immediate arrest warrant was issued.

Furthermore, a letter was addressed to the responsible parties of the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys Orphanage dated the 31st of January 2014 by the Haitian Child Welfare Services, known as l’institut bien-etre social et de recherches (IBESR) which simply ordered the orphanage to close down for abuse and taking advantage of the vulnerability and insecurity of minors, meanwhile the doors of the orphanage remained open which is against the law.

Recent information, coming from informed sources lead us to believe that American donors, and other contributors are still sending money to this orphanage on behalf of Michael Geilenfeld for his administration which should have already been closed according to the formal instructions of IBESR.

In consideration of the above, the plaintiffs, request the Honorable Doyer, to allow the provincial court judge of Petion-ville or his subordinates to take immediate action to seal the gates and doors of the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys Orphanage at Delmas 91, and to secure all fixtures and furniture, and keep them safe from Michael Geilenfeld’s use.  Moreover, equally order all banks, namely Unibank, Sogebank, Banque Nationale de Credit, Capital Bank, Banque Populaire Haitienne and other to place a hold on the accounts so that no funds will be disbursed, or transferred on accounts belonging to St Joseph Home for Boys, Wings of Hope and Trinity House Orphanages and Michael Geilenfeld and all who are responsible for the orphanages until the final decision of the competent court authority.  This is to be carried out by a bailiff from your court for the following request.

Deepest Respects.

Jacky C. Pierre, av

Order of the Court

I, Bernard Sainvil, Provincial Court Judge of Port au Prince; have reviewed the request of the article above and the other documents in the file.

Considering that the plaintiffs have presented reasonable grounds to support the demand to seal the property and block the funds from the bank, that are given the authorization to freeze the accounts associated with the orphanages of St. Joseph Home for Boys, Wings of Hope and Trinity House in the name of Michael Geilenfeld and/or any other responsible parties.

Considering the law:
Permits a Justice of the Peace of Petion-ville or his charges to act to seal the gate, the entrance doors and the furniture and fixtures and affects in the house at the orphanage of St. Joseph Home for Boys at 91 Delmas, in the Petion-Ville community; Formally order the banks, namely Unibank, sogebank, capital bank, banque nationale de credit, to block, and freeze the money of the orphanage of St. Joseph Home for Boys, Wings of Hope and Trinity House in the name of Michael Geilenfeld and/or other responsible parties.  Commit the bailiff Josue Cadet of the Tribunal to take necessary action to carry out this order; The urgency of this permits the use of any means necessary to carry out this ordinance from the date signed below.

Signed at the palace of justice the 4th of November, 2015.

Bernanrd Sainvil, Magistrate Judge

Second of Michael Geilenfeld’s orphanages shut down by Haiti authorities.


Trinity House is the second of Michael Geilenfeld’s orphanages to be shut down by Haiti authorities.

The St. Joseph’s Home for Boys in Port au Prince was closed by Haiti authorities almost three weeks ago, on November 5th.

Promo from web site:

The St. Joseph Family is now in it’s 30th year of continuous operation in Haiti, and has graduated over 105 boys into adulthood and independent living. All three of the St. Joseph Family homes are now being managed and led by men who were once SJF children, rescued off the streets of Haiti, and provided with an opportunity for a better life. Lead Servant for Mission Maya Fond-Rose, Bill Nathan (St. Joseph Home for Boys), Jacky Asse (Wings of Hope Home) and Daniel Jeanmary (Trinity House) are all living testaments to the power and success of the St. Joseph Family’s mission work.



Children are safer today in Haiti because of an unprecedented amount of publicity and information surrounding the legal action taken against a child protection activist by multi-accused child molester, Michael Geilenfeld.

Word has spread like never before.

1) Geilenfeld’s orphanage, the St. Joseph Home for Boys in Port au Prince, is padlocked and shut down per order of Haitian authorities.

2) An arrest warrant has been issued. Haitian National Police are searching for Geilenfeld in response to new allegations of child sex abuse against him. Geilenfeld remains in hiding.

3) Donors to Geilenfeld and Hearts with Haiti are being updated and informed of new child sexual abuse allegations being brought against Geilenfeld.

4) The general public is not stupid. They cannot understand how and why a Maine jury did not believe the seven Haitian men who put their personal safety on the streets of Port au Prince at great risk to testify at the trial about their horrific child sexual abuse by Geilenfeld when they were children living in Haiti.

5) Education and awareness about child sexual abuse has increased in Haiti because of Geilenfeld.

6) Increased media attention is focused on Geilenfeld’s ongoing appeals trial and the current warrant for his arrest.

7) Hearts with Haiti has removed Geilenfeld from its Board of Directors.

8) Geilenfeld will never be employed in a job that provides him with access to children in any other organization than North Carolina based 501(c)(3), Hearts with Haiti.

Attorney Peter Detroy / PRESS RELEASE

Hearts With Haiti Board of Directors – 11/16/2015
PRESIDENT: Paul D’Oliveira
  • Business Owner, Sterling, Massachusetts
  • Why I Serve: “I want to help ensure SJF continues on and grows for another 29 years.”
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Why I Serve: “After multiple mission trips to Haiti, including three working at St. Joseph’s, I believe that the SJF approach of caring for the most needy in the community at Wings of Hope, education scores of children at LST, and particularly of raising and educating boys at St. Joseph’s in a disciplined, loving and nurturing environment, and training them to be future leaders in their communities and in their country, is critical to the long term success of Haiti, and I want to do what I can to support that effort.”
TRUSTEE: Andy Gospodarek
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Why I Serve: “Visiting Haiti and spending time with the St. Joseph Family was a life-changing experience for me.  The call to give back to those that gave me so much was too strong to ignore.”
TREASURER (EX-OFFICIO): David Gospodarek
  • CPA, Raleigh, North Carolina
TRUSTEE: Daniel Jn Mary
  • Director, Nouvo Vi Bakery; Member of St. Joseph Family Board
  • Why I Serve: “I serve because the St. Joseph Family was a provider, a loving place for me – I now want to help ensure the continuity of the work.”
TRUSTEE: Bryan Morris
  • Charlotte, NC
TRUSTEE: Rev. Jarrett McLaughlin
  • Burke, Virginia
  • Why I Serve: “SJF taught me about resurrection.”
TRUSTEE: Bill Nathan
  • Director, St. Joseph’s Home for Boys, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • Why I Serve: ”I am so proud to be part of the Family and be able to give back, because the Family has given me so much over the years.”
TRUSTEE: Mark Peifer
  • Chapel Hill, NC
TRUSTEE: Dale Stanton-Hoyle
  • Fairfax, Virginia
TRUSTEE: Rev. Dr. Lynn Stanton-Hoyle
  • Clifton, Virginia
TRUSTEE: Julie Wade
  • Richmond, Virginia
TRUSTEE: Laura Roberts Wright
  • Richmond, Virginia
  • Why I Serve: ” I serve on the Hearts with Haiti Board of Trustees because I became one with the SJF during my fateful stay there in January, 2010.  The emotional roller coaster, from the joyous RDTH performance the night before the quake, to the terror and anguish of the earthquake itself, bonded me for life with this precious group of children of God.”
  • Enon, Ohio
  • Founding Board Member, Hearts with Haiti